Fourth International Conference on Material and Component Performance under Variable Amplitude Loading
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E-02 – Fatigue load spectra: model and identification proposals for the automotive. (#120)

M. L. Facchinetti, C. Doudard, E. Bellec, M. Paz Silvestri

Session: E - Load Spectra (2)
Date: Monday, 30. March 2020, 16:10
Room: Hall A (H-A)

F-01 – Definition of simplified fatigue tests using numerical fatigue simulation methods (#14)

R. Schrank

Session: F - Fatigue Assessment
Date: Monday, 30. March 2020, 15:50
Room: Hall B (H-B)

N-01 – Multiaxial block programs: A new method for the efficient testing of the durability of elastomeric bearings (#57)

T. A. Thüringer

Session: N - Multiaxial Loading (2)
Date: Wednesday, 1. April 2020, 9:20
Room: Hall B (H-B)