Fourth International Conference on Material and Component Performance under Variable Amplitude Loading
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Keyword Contributions
additive manufactured G-02
additive manufacturing #105
adi H-04
advanced materials #100
agricultural machine PL-02-01
aircraft elements PL-03-01
aluminium alloy E-04
aluminum wrought alloy H-03
am structures #74
analytical model A-04
analytical strength assessment #105
assessment methods C-01
automotive A-04A-03#57
axle PL-02-01H-04
bainitic steel #13
bayesian methods C-04
block loading A-03A-03
case hardening C-01
cast aluminium E-03
cast iron A-03
casting defects H-03
church bells J-03
clustering I-03
component test C-01
crack closure H-04
crack detection I-03
crack growth C-04
crack initiation PL-03-01
crack propagation PL-03-01#13B-04
cracks B-04
critical plane method D-03
cumulative damage E-03
customer usage A-04
cut-edge influence E-03
cyclic deformation behavior E-04
cyclic material behavior #74H-03I-03
cyclic multiaxial elastic-plastic crack-tip residual stress model C-01
damage C-01
damage mechanics PL-07-01
damage model #37
data analytics #98
decomposition into gaussian portions A-04
design PL-02-01
design evaluation E-03
design of experiments (doe) E-04
digital environment I-04
digital twin I-03I-03
distribution function A-04
drivers influence A-04
durability E-03
durability requirements I-04
durability testing #57
earthquake J-03
effective block approach E-04
efficiency #57
elastomer bearing #57
elastomeric modelling #63
electrically power assisted cycles D-03
engineering #98
engineering & industrialisation I-04
epac D-03
exhaust manifold #75
experimental simulation J-03
extrapolation PL-01-01
extremely low cycle fatigue strength PL-07-01
fatigue #37A-04PL-03-01C-04C-04E-04H-04B-04
fatigue assessment C-01
fatigue behavior E-04
fatigue crack propagation H-04
fatigue criteria #83
fatigue damage accumulation E-04
fatigue life #105#25#100
fatigue life calculation #83H-03
fatigue life calculations PL-02-01
fatigue life curve I-03
fatigue life estimation H-03
fatigue performance G-02
fatigue testing E-03
fatigue testing on shaker PL-01-01
fem I-03
finite element analysis #25
fractography PL-03-01
fracture PL-03-01
fracture mechanics E-04
freight wagon D-03
frequency domain #37
full scale testing C-04
gassner curves #13
gaussian load spectrum PL-07-01
georeferenced data C-04
grain refinement #13
hardened components H-03
hardening model #75
high dynamic loads #63
high speed D-03
high-cycle fatigue C-01E-03
high-energy traction battery J-03
high-strength fine-grained steels PL-07-01
higher-order spectra A-04
hil I-03
impact excitation #19
inspection interval C-04
integral treatment PL-07-01
inverse problems C-04
kernel density estimator PL-01-01
kurtosis PL-01-01
laboratory fatigue tests PL-02-01
life estimation C-04
life prediction D-03
life time PL-07-01
lifetime of systems #96
linear elastic fracture mechanics (lefm) C-01
load and stress conditions A-04
load assumption PL-02-01
load data PL-02-01
load data determination #63
load history effects E-03
load sequence A-03
load sequence effects PL-03-01
load spectra PL-01-01
load spectrum A-04
loading modes D-02
loading spectrum PL-01-01
low cyle fatigue #75
machine learning I-03
magnesium alloy az31 E-03
materials processing H-03
mean load A-03
mean strain A-03
mean stress effect H-03
measurement D-03H-04
metal fatigue #30
methods for durability #98
miner modifications E-03
miner’s rule PL-07-01
mixed distributions PL-01-01
multi-axial excitations #63
multi-physical test J-03
multiaxial fatigue C-01D-03#83
multiaxial loading PL-02-01C-01
multibody simulation #63
narrow-band #19
ndt C-04
nodular cast iron H-04
non-stationary loading PL-01-01A-04
nonproportionality D-03
normal pdf PL-01-01
notch effect H-04
notch factor PL-07-01
notch strain conept PL-07-01
number of cycles PL-03-01
number of flights PL-03-01
numerical simulation D-02
observer I-03
operating loads D-03
optimization A-03I-03
overload A-03H-04H-04
overloads H-04
parameter identification A-04
pivot points E-04
plasticity B-04
power law exponent E-04
power psectral density #38
probabilistic design E-04
probabilistic simulation H-03
probability density function PL-01-01
process chain H-03
proportionlity PL-02-01
punch rivet PL-07-01
rail vehicle C-04
railway car-bodies PL-02-01
rain-flow #30
random loading #38E-04
random vibration loading PL-01-01A-04
real operation H-04
reliability E-04J-03
residual stress H-03H-04
ringing conditions J-03
road category A-04
road quality A-04
road roughness C-04
rubber fibre composite #25
self-heating measurements E-03
service near loading E-04
servise stresses PL-02-01
sheet metal E-03
shocks and vibrations #96
short crack growth PL-03-01
short time procedure E-04
short time procedures H-03
simplification A-03
simulation A-03#57H-04J-03
sound quality J-03
spectra PL-02-01
spectral correlation PL-01-01
spectral method PL-01-01
spectral methods #30
spectrum loading B-04
statistical variability #38
strain energy density #37E-04
strain life approach A-03
strain-based fatigue life assessment PL-07-01
strain-life (en) C-01
strain-life approach H-03
stress life approach A-03
stress-strain curve A-03
structural durability PL-07-01
structural health monitoring C-04
suspension components C-01
system identification I-03
test A-03
thermal loads #75
thermomechanical fatigue E-03
thick-walled H-04
time latency I-03
time-history J-03
total life C-01
trip effect #13
two-scale probabilistic model E-03
uncertainty quantification (uq) E-04
variable amplitude durability D-02
variable amplitude loading C-04E-03#74#83H-03#100G-02J-03
variable amplitude loadings E-03
variable amplitudes PL-03-01
variable mechanical loading PL-03-01
variable thermal loading PL-03-01
vibration based methods C-04
vibration fatigue #19#96
weibull pdf PL-01-01
weld joint PL-07-01
weld seams C-01
welded butt joints PL-07-01
welded joint PL-07-01C-01C-01
welding #75
wheel force A-04
wheels E-03
wind energy H-04
wire arc additive manufacturing #105