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Invited Lecture | Philippe Bousso, Paris

Session chair: Marlene Wiart (Lyon, France)
Date: Thursday, 16 January, 2020, 10:45 AM - 11:30 AM


10:45 AM -01

Dissecting mechanisms of tumor immunosurveillance and immunotherapies at the single cell level with intravital imaging (#55)

Philippe Bousso1

1 Institut Pasteur, Department of Immunology, Paris, France


Tumors are under the selective pressure of the immune system. While the concept of tumor immunosurveillance is well-established, a number of key questions remains. At what stages of the tumor development does the immune system have the ability to eliminate malignant cells? How and where do cytotoxic effectors such as NK cells or CD8+T cells restrict tumor progression? How do interactions between immune cells and tumor cells change as the disease progresses? Moreover, the rationale design and optimization of tumor immunotherapies critically require a better understanding of their mechanism of action in vivo. In this presentation, we will discuss how intravital imaging can help gain new insight into mechanisms at play during tumor immunosurveillance and uncover the mode of action of tumor immunotherapies, including monoclonal antibody and CAR T cell therapy.



Keywords: Cancer immunotherapy, intravital imaging, CAR T cells