IMAGING IMMUNITY – from Nanoscale to Macroscale | Insights from Biophysics
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Keyword Contributions
18f-dpa-714 T-11
19f mri T-11-01-01
1h magnetic resonance spectroscopy (mrs) T-11
acidosis -01-01
acute and chronic carbon tetrachloride (ccl4)-induced hepatitis T-11
adcar-t P-13
adoptive t cell transfer T-10-01
als T-11
anti-inflammatory therapy T-01-01
antibodies #43
antibody-cytokine fusions T-03
antigen expression P-13
antigens #48
arterial input function T-11
astrocytes T-11
autoimmune #48
bacteria -01
bioluminescence -01-01
biomarkers -01
biophysics T-08T-07
bli T-11
blood vessel -01
brain cancer -01-01
cancer -01#48
cancer immunotherapy P-06T-11T-11-01
cancer immuntherapies T-11
car t cells -01
car t-cells P-13
car-t T-11
cd8 T-11
cell biology T-07T-11
cell signaling T-08
cellular immunotherapy -02
cgas-sting T-12
checkpoint inhibition therapy P-10-01
checkpoint inhibitor -01-01
chelate #21-01
ct T-11T-11-01-01
diabodies T-11
dna sensing T-12
domain: neuroinflammation -01-01
fdg T-11
fluorescence T-11
fluorescence microscopy T-08T-07
fluorine-18 #17-01
fluorine-19 #21-01
focussed ultrasound P-10-01
ftir T-11
fungal infection -01-01
gallium-68 #17-01
glioma T-11
granzyme b T-11
heart T-01-01
heart failure P-10-01
histotripsy P-10-01
hla ligandome P-07
humanized mouse model T-11
hyperthermia T-10-01
hypoxia -01-01
imaging -02
immune response -01-01
immune system stimulation P-10-01
immunoimaging P-06T-11
immunology T-11T-11-01-01
immunotherapy #43P-07T-11T-11
in vivo imaging T-11
inflammation P-10T-11T-11-01
inflammatory diseases T-12
inhibitory checkpoints #43
intravital imaging -01-01
intravital microscopy T-10-01
intravital two-photon microscopy T-10-01
ischemic stroke T-10-01
kidneys T-01-01
leukocyte migration T-07
limbic encephalitis T-11
lymphocytes #21-01
machine learning -01-01
macrophage T-11
magnetic resonance. T-11
microglia T-11
microscopy T-11
modality: intravital 2p-fluorescence microscopy -01-01
molecular biology T-11T-11
molecular imaging T-01-01
mri P-10#21-01T-10T-01T-11T-11T-11T-11-01-01-01-01-01
mrsi -01-01
multimodal imaging T-11
multimodality imaging T-11
myocardial inflammation T-01-01
nanobody #17T-11-01
nanoparticles T-11
nanotechnology T-10-01
nash T-11
neutrophil -01
neutrophils T-11
nuclear medicine T-01-01
oncology T-11
optical imaging T-03T-11
pathophysiology T-10-01
pd-l1 #17-01-01-01
peptide #21-01
peptide vaccination P-07
pet P-10T-01T-01T-03T-11T-11T-11T-11T-11-01-01-01
pet-ct P-06#17-01
pet-mri T-11
pet/ct T-11
pet/mri T-11
preclinical imaging P-10-01-01-01
regulatory t-cells -01-01
reporter gene -02-01-01
response biomarker -01-01
ros/rns T-11
sdab T-11
single molecule imaging T-08
small molecule-drug conjugates T-03
spect T-03T-11T-11
spect/ct -01-01
steatosis T-11
stroke T-11
superresolution T-07
synchrotron light source T-11
t cell bi-specific T-11
t cells P-07
t-cell tracking P-06
tlr2 T-11
total metabolic tumor volume T-11
toxic inflammation T-11
transplantation -01-01
tumor microenvironment -01