2018 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference

General Chair

Anatoly Rozenfeld

General Chair
e-mail: nssmic2018@​ieee.org

Ralf Engels

Deputy General Chair
e-mail: nssmic2018@​ieee.org


Geoffrey Taylor

NSS Co-Chair
e-mail: gntaylor@​unimelb.edu.au

Craig Woody

NSS Co-Chair
e-mail: woody@​bnl.gov


Steven Meikle

MIC Co-Chair
e-mail: steven.meikle@​sydney.edu.au

Taiga Yamaya

MIC Co-Chair
e-mail: yamaya.taiga@​qst.go.jp


Ralph James

RTSD Co-Chair
e-mail: ralph.james@​srnl.doe.gov

Michael Fiederle

RTSD Co-Chair
e-mail: michael.fiederle@​fmf.uni-freiburg.de

Joint Sessions

Patrick Le Dû

Joint Session Chair
e-mail: patrickledu@​me.com


Michael Lerch

Short-Course Co-Chair (NSS-Topics)
e-mail: mlerch@​uow.edu.au

Andre Kyme

Short-Course Co-Chair (MIC-Topics)
e-mail: akyme@​ucdavis.edu


Katia Parodi

Workshop Chair
e-mail: katia.parodi@​lmu.de

Industrial Program

Ron Keyser

Industrial Program Chair
e-mail: ronkeyser@​ieee.org

Budget, Scholarships

Tom Lewellen

e-mail: tkldog@​u.washington.edu

Karen Ford

e-mail: kford@​uow.edu.au

Merry Keyser

Scholarship Chair
e-mail: merrykeyser@​ieee.org

Technical Support

EventClass GmbH

Phone: +49 351 30900031
E-mail: abstract@eventclass.org

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