IEEE 2017 NSS/MIC/RTSD ControlCenter

Online Program Keyword Index

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Keyword Contributions
10-boron detector N-31-4
10b4c detectors N-31-1
12-bit adc N-23-008
18f-fmiso M-15-103
2 d R-16-4
200 mm J-01-6
2d direct positron imaging M-15-059
2d/3d registration M-08-088
3d autoradiography M-08-080
3d diamond detectors N-22-5
3d gamma-ray imaging N-16-6
3d imaging BDW-01-1R-07-037
3d microstructure BDW-03-2
3d pixelated detectors R-03-6
3d position sensitive cdznte R-07-034
3d position-sensitive detector N-23-089
3d printing N-25-3
3d reconstruction M-03-074N-03-169R-18-1
3d sensor technology N-23-165
3d sensors N-34-3
3d spectro-imager R-07-041
3d surface model M-03-091
3he alternative N-23-075
3he replacement N-23-086
4d M-08-102M-18-3
4d cbct M-16-6
4d reconstruction M-18-2
4h-sic R-09-3R-11-2
9 mev x-ray N-23-063
99mtc M-08-023
99tc-sestamibi M-08-054
absolute luminosity N-03-053
accelerated growth R-15-1
accelerating electrode M-03-010
acceleration life test N-23-049
accelerator N-03-089N-39-3
accelerator-based neutron N-03-029
acdc N-03-033
acrt R-15-2
activation M-15-104
active contour M-15-089
active contour model M-15-091
active fast neutron multiplicity N-09-2
active interrogation N-03-065N-03-071N-04-2N-16-4N-23-065N-23-076N-27-1
active photocathode N-03-124
active pixel sensor N-34-6
activity M-20-4
activity-attenuation mismatch M-15-093
acute lung injury M-10-1
adaptive N-03-041
adaptive gain N-03-183
adaptive imaging M-15-014M-15-072
adaptive learning algorithms BDW-03-2
adaptive median filter M-08-078
adc N-03-012
additive manufacturing N-25-3
aero-engine in-situ inspection R-07-036
aerogel N-41-1
after-pulses N-23-113
afterglow M-15-003N-23-133
aida-2020 N-03-040
al2o3 R-07-017
algorithms M-08-049N-37-2
alice N-34-1
alignment N-13-6
alkali earth halides N-03-153
all-digital pet M-03-102
all-digital pet detector N-35-3
aln N-03-135
alpha detection N-23-163
alpha emitter M-08-043
alpha particle N-03-111N-23-103
alpha particle imaging M-03-022
alpha spectrometry N-23-097
alpha spectroscopy R-07-003R-07-016R-09-3R-11-2
alpha-expansion moves M-08-091
alzheimer disease M-20-2
alzheimer's disease M-03-085M-15-071M-15-095
alzheimer’s disease M-09-6
amias M-15-078
amorphous selenium N-23-114R-07-004
amplifier N-23-009
amplifier-shaper-discriminatormuon-drift-tubes N-03-008
amyloid DBIS-01-6
analog and digital circuits N-03-002
analog asic N-03-056
analog electronics N-05-5
analog front end electronics N-28-5
analog front-end N-05-1
analog sipm J-02-4
analog to digital converter M-03-014N-03-012N-05-6
analog-to-digital conversion M-15-043N-23-003
analysis BDW-03-1
analysis system N-23-057
analytic reconstruction M-08-071
analytical model M-03-113
analytics N-26-5
anatomical prior M-02-4
anger camera M-03-115M-08-011M-13-3
angiography M-03-091
angiostatin M-10-1
angular distribution N-09-2
angular spectral deconvolution R-07-034
anisotropic scintillation response N-03-136
anisotropy of neutron sensitivity N-03-090
ann N-23-025
anti-perovskite R-18-3
antineutrinos N-23-099
apd M-16-3
apd-based M-08-028
append buffer M-19-5
apxs N-03-013
architectural distortion M-08-093
arduino N-03-112
ardusipm N-03-112
arrays of sipm N-03-148
art J-01-6
arterial input function M-03-096
arteries. M-03-099
artifact M-03-051
artifact reduction M-15-084
artificial neural network M-03-013M-08-015N-03-029
artificial neural networks M-08-060
artificial radiation sources N-23-064
asic J-03-5M-03-001M-03-035M-08-013M-08-034N-03-004N-03-005N-03-009N-03-010N-03-182N-03-185N-05-4N-05-5N-15-1N-15-2N-23-002N-23-004N-23-006N-23-011N-23-017N-23-030N-28-3R-17-1R-17-2
asic characterization N-05-3
asics N-23-014
associative memory N-23-005
astatine-211 M-08-103
astronomy N-06-5
astroparticle N-03-017
astroparticle physics N-23-033
astrophysics N-03-019R-05-4R-07-041R-07-046
atca N-23-030
atherosclerosis M-03-099
atlas N-03-008N-03-038N-03-059N-29-5N-35-1N-35-5
atlas experiment N-03-056
atom probe tomography BDW-05-1
atomic layer deposition N-30-5R-07-017
attenuation M-08-049M-20-4
attenuation and scatter correction M-08-056
attenuation correction J-03-4M-03-058M-03-060M-04-3M-08-032M-08-052M-08-068M-15-037M-15-066M-15-076M-20-1
attenuation estimation M-04-4
attenuation map M-03-054
attenuation mismatch M-03-057
au co-dopant N-03-170
autocollimator N-23-104
automated layout N-23-003
av1451 M-20-2
avalanche detectors N-06-3
avalanche gain N-23-114R-16-2
awake M-15-029
awake animal M-15-064
awake animal pet M-03-027M-21-6
axial fourier rebinning M-20-5
b0 homogeneity M-03-021
b10 N-03-091
b4c N-03-091
baalbo3f2 N-23-131
babrcl:eu N-03-170
back-illumination N-03-181
background beta-gamma radiation N-23-103
background estimation N-26-6
backscatter R-07-043
balloon borne detector N-06-6
band-gap engineering N-03-147
barium and iodine contrast imaging M-10-1
barium fluoride N-23-140
baseline restoration N-23-009N-23-041
baseline shift M-04-5
batch system as a service N-37-6
bayesian estimation N-03-081
bayesian reconstruction M-08-083
beam collimation N-03-112
beam hardening M-03-051
beam hardening artifacts M-10-6
beam hardening correction M-15-053
beam monitor N-23-108
beam monitoring M-08-106
beam pipe N-32-6
beam test N-23-106
beam-trajectory imaging M-11-6
behavior M-15-027
belle 2 N-34-6
belle ii N-13-6N-18-2
besiii N-05-3
beta detection N-21-6
beta-gamma coincidence J-01-4N-27-2
beta-ray M-03-005
beta-ray detector R-07-026
betavoltaic N-23-118
bgan R-17-4
bgo M-07-5M-08-016M-08-029M-15-016M-19-2N-23-115
bgo crystal M-08-037
bialkali N-30-5
bias N-23-169
bias reduction M-02-3
bio-medical application N-23-094
biograph mmr M-08-077
biomarkers for schizophrenia DBIS-02-8
biplanar M-03-114
bipolar pulse M-15-012
biprism M-08-069
bismuth germanate (bgo) M-19-1
bismuth halides R-18-6
bismuth triiodide R-09-5
bnct M-03-105N-03-087
body motion correction M-08-058
body motion detection M-08-058
bolometric detector N-03-113
bone M-04-3
bones M-15-089
bootstrap M-17-2
borate N-23-129
border monitoring N-03-063
boron converter N-23-075
boron layer N-23-082
boron neutron capture therapy M-03-105
boron neutron capture therapy (bnct) M-08-111
boron neutron converter N-13-1
boron-10 N-31-2
boron-10 layer N-31-5
boron-coated straws N-03-076N-23-086N-27-4
boron-lined detector N-03-090
boron-lined gaseous neutron detector N-23-082
bpf M-03-068
brachytherapy M-15-111
brain DBIS-01-1DBIS-01-3DBIS-01-4DBIS-02-6DBIS-02-7M-03-033M-03-058M-15-029M-15-041
brain imaging DBIS-01-5DBIS-02-1DBIS-02-2DBIS-02-3M-03-030M-15-027M-15-119
brain pet DBIS-01-6DBIS-02-8M-03-065M-09-6M-15-006M-15-058
brain pet dedicated DBIS-02-5
brain phantom M-03-065
brain spect M-03-112
brain tumor M-08-089
brain tumors M-03-098
breast M-03-019M-10-3
breast cancer M-03-093M-03-090M-08-093
breast imaging M-19-6
breast mri M-03-092
breast phantom M-15-056
breast tomosynthesis M-14-5
breath-holding M-15-093
breathing M-08-062
bremsstrahlung imaging M-08-109
bridgman R-15-2
bridgman method N-23-140
bridgman technique N-11-5N-23-159N-23-160
bridgman–stockbarger N-03-161
brightness N-31-5
broadband detection R-16-3
bso M-03-012M-07-5M-07-6
butterworth filter M-08-078
c-bord N-03-037
cadmium-telluride N-32-5
cadmium-zinc-telluride J-01-1
calcification M-03-099
calibrate N-13-6
calibration M-06-6N-06-1N-07-4N-09-3N-18-4N-19-3N-23-045N-23-054N-23-113N-23-175N-37-5
calibration of photon sensors N-23-044
calice N-07-1N-23-053N-28-3
calocube N-06-2
calorimeter N-06-2N-07-4N-09-3N-12-4N-12-5N-23-030N-23-032N-23-110N-23-111N-23-154N-34-2N-38-4
calorimetery N-38-3
calorimetry BDW-02-1N-07-1N-07-2N-07-3N-20-5N-37-1N-38-1
camera N-03-108R-04-4
campbell mode N-03-084
cancer M-15-103
cancer drug bio-distribution studies M-03-028
cancer screening M-08-051
candor N-26-2
canny edge detector M-03-088M-15-044
capacitive M-15-038
carbon ion therapy M-11-2
carbon therapy M-08-122R-16-1
carbon-ion M-08-105
carbon-ion therapy M-11-6
cardiac M-08-102
cardiac and respiratory motion M-08-040
cardiac gating M-12-3
cardiac imaging M-03-063M-08-059
cardiac perfusion imaging M-15-060
cardiac pet M-08-061
cardiac spect M-08-006M-08-082
cardiac spect imaging M-20-3
cargo container scanner N-03-069
cargo inspection N-03-063N-03-074
cargo inspection system N-03-072
cargo screening N-23-076
carotid artery M-02-4
carrier lifetime R-13-4
carrier multiplication N-03-173
carrier trap N-36-2
cascade photons M-15-120
castor M-03-077
cavity estimation M-03-116
cbct M-15-105
cbm M-03-070
ccd N-20-1N-23-163
ccd based M-13-2M-17-4
ccd camera M-15-109N-23-078
cd(mn)te crystals R-07-019
cdl detectors N-23-027
cdmnte R-07-002
cds N-15-1
cdte M-15-010M-16-1M-21-3N-23-073R-03-1R-03-3R-04-1R-05-4R-07-001R-07-011R-07-015R-07-020R-07-021R-07-046R-17-2
cdte - high flux - high resolution - fpga - ballistic deficit R-03-2
cdte crystals R-07-022
cdte epitaxial layer R-14-2
cdte image sensor R-14-5
cdte pixel sensor N-23-007
cdte semiconductor detector N-20-6
cdte sensor R-02-3
cdte thick layer R-07-014
cdznsete R-14-1
cdznte J-03-3N-27-2R-02-2R-03-3R-03-4R-03-6R-04-4R-05-1R-05-2R-05-3R-05-5R-06-2R-07-002R-07-005R-07-008R-07-032R-13-1R-13-2R-13-3R-13-4R-13-5R-14-3R-15-2R-15-3R-15-4
cdznte detectors R-01-2R-14-4R-18-2
cdzntre R-01-3
ce N-23-129
cebr N-23-115
cebr3 M-03-006M-11-5M-15-018N-03-137N-03-165
cell imaging M-03-005
center-of-gravity (cog) M-03-007
ceramic N-03-132N-03-135N-03-163N-11-4
ceramic photomultiplier N-23-116
ceramic scintillator N-11-6
ceramics N-03-154
cerebral perfusion M-08-084
cerenkov M-19-1
cerenkov light M-19-2
cerenkov luminescence imaging (cli) M-08-025
cerenkov radiation energy transfer M-04-7
cerenkov-light M-10-5
cerium N-23-079N-23-124
cerium bromide N-03-172
cerium doped lanthanium bromide (labr3:ce) N-41-5
cern N-10-2N-23-080
cesium hafnium chloride N-11-3
cfd N-23-038
ch3nh3pbbr3 R-07-016
chamber N-23-041
characteristic functional M-15-067
characteristic functionals M-17-3NCT-WS-01-1
characterization N-03-101N-11-3R-02-2R-06-3
charge carrier mobility R-09-4
charge collection N-03-184
charge collection efficiency N-07-2R-07-001
charge comparison algorithm N-26-2
charge coupled device N-23-163
charge division multiplexing M-15-034
charge integrating N-03-183
charge kinetics model R-07-015
charge measurements N-03-182
charge preamplifier N-15-6
charge sensitive preamplifier N-03-006
charge sensitive preamplifiers R-17-6
charge sharing N-23-162R-03-5R-03-6R-18-4
charge transport R-07-020
charge trapping R-17-3
charge-division N-23-086
charge-to-digital converter R-07-010
charged lepton flavour violation search N-32-3
charged particle detection N-23-017
charged-particle radiation detectors N-03-047
charged-particle tomography M-17-3NCT-WS-01-1
chemical identification algorithm N-26-4
chemical warfare agents N-26-4
chemiluminescence N-23-112
chemotherapy M-15-067M-17-3NCT-WS-01-1
cherenkov N-23-104
cherenkov counter N-03-054N-03-060
cherenkov detector N-12-1N-41-1
cherenkov detectors N-03-071N-03-117
cherenkov effect M-07-5
cherenkov imaging NCT-WS-02-3
cherenkov light N-12-3
cherenkov process M-08-012
cherenkov radiation J-02-2M-03-040M-08-107M-15-002N-03-051
cherenkov ring imaging N-23-091
chi-square N-03-109
cho M-14-3
classification M-03-098M-15-089N-26-1
classification algorithms N-40-1
classifier N-26-5
clinical M-08-057
clinical brain spect DBIS-01-1
cllb N-17-2N-17-6
cllbc N-03-156
cloud computing N-14-3
cloud storage N-14-3
cluster finding methods N-03-068
clustering M-03-099M-15-104
clyc N-06-4N-17-3N-17-6N-23-152N-33-5N-36-1
cmos M-03-005M-15-015M-15-029M-15-011N-03-108N-05-1N-23-007N-25-2
cmos 65nm N-23-008
cmos asics R-17-6
cmos front-end N-03-008N-29-2
cmos monolithic active pixels sensors N-03-181
cmos pixel N-28-5
cmos sensors N-34-4
cmos technology N-22-2
cms N-03-050N-03-055N-12-2N-23-045N-23-080N-32-1N-37-1
cms muon rpc hscp N-03-061
cncs N-03-091
cnn M-15-049
co-design N-23-028N-23-029
coating M-08-018
coded aperture J-01-3N-23-059R-01-4R-07-034
coded aperture imaging R-17-5
coded-aperture imaging N-04-5
codoping N-03-150
coincidence M-15-019M-15-120N-03-077
coincidence counting N-23-017
coincidence detection M-03-020
coincidence resolving time M-15-001
coincidence summing N-03-137
coincidence system J-02-3
coincidence time resolution M-15-002N-03-045N-33-3
coincidence timing resolution J-02-4N-33-2
cold and thermal neutrons N-23-081
cold electronics N-28-1
cold neutron imaging N-23-087
cold neutrons R-07-042
collimator M-03-109M-08-021N-08-6N-23-102
collimator design M-15-122
collimator response model M-08-108
colon cancer M-15-098
colon wall M-08-094
color centers N-03-131
colorectal cancer M-08-094
combinatorial method M-03-114
combined neutron gamma tomography N-03-098
compact muon solenoid N-28-6
compact neutron source N-03-089
compact neutron spectrometer N-06-4
companion animal DBIS-01-3
compartmental models M-08-100
compensation M-08-062
composite N-39-5
composite detector N-33-5
composite scintillation detector N-23-137
composite scintillator M-08-007
composite scintillators N-23-123
composites N-17-3
compound semiconductor R-09-4
comprehensive nuclear-test-ban treaty N-03-078
compressed imaging BDW-06-1
compressed sensing BDW-06-2M-03-076M-03-094N-09-4N-16-5
compressive sensing BDW-01-2M-08-100
compton M-08-038N-23-062
compton backscatter imaging N-03-079
compton camera M-03-115M-08-103M-08-104M-08-110M-11-5M-15-010M-21-2N-16-1N-16-3N-20-6N-23-089N-23-094
compton camera imaging M-03-074
compton edge. activity N-23-151
compton effect N-03-151
compton imaging J-01-3M-08-003N-16-2N-40-3R-01-4R-07-013R-07-037R-11-1R-17-5R-18-1R-18-2
compton interactions N-33-3
compton polarimetry N-23-167
compton scattering M-08-049M-08-106
compton telescope M-11-5N-06-5
compton-pet N-33-1
computational imaging BDW-01-1
computational phantom estimation M-03-116
computational physics -4
computed tomography M-03-046M-03-108M-08-046M-08-051M-10-1M-15-046M-15-081M-15-082N-03-074N-21-3N-23-090R-17-1
computer modeling N-23-034
computer vision R-07-037
computer-assisted diagnosis M-08-051
concrete structures R-07-033
cone beam computed tomography M-10-6M-15-092M-15-105M-15-114
cone-beam M-08-045
cone-beam computed tomography (cbct) M-03-059
cone-beam ct M-03-068M-03-087M-08-090M-15-084
conjugate gradient M-08-079
connectional fingerprint M-15-095
connectivity M-15-095
consistency conditions M-10-6
constant M-20-4
contacts R-07-019
contamination suppression M-08-106
continuous bed motion M-08-099M-15-101M-18-4
continuous crystals M-11-5
contraband inspection N-23-060
contrast enhancement M-15-044
control systems M-09-5
controversy M-15-077
convex optimization M-06-1
convolution neural network (cnn) M-15-039
convolutional autoencoder M-03-060
convolutional neural network BDW-01-3M-02-6M-03-082M-04-1
convolutional neural networks M-02-5
cooling M-03-035N-19-6
copalanr czt J-01-4
coplanar grid R-07-003R-13-5
coplanar grid detector R-07-005
coronary M-08-062
correction M-08-057M-15-055
correlated backgrounds N-23-099
correlated noise N-23-113
correlator N-38-6
correntropy matching pursuit (cmp) M-08-076
cosmic rays N-03-017N-06-2N-06-6
cosmic-ray N-03-130N-23-071
cosmic-ray muon N-03-023N-23-021
cosmic-ray-induced neutron N-06-4
cosmic-rays N-03-166
cosmogenic neutrons N-39-4
count rate N-23-009R-03-1
counting statistics N-03-030
countinous monitoring N-41-6
cp algorithm M-15-084
cpg J-03-6N-03-005
cpqg R-13-5
cross talk N-04-2
cross-talk N-23-113N-23-168
crosstalk M-15-097
crt M-03-006M-15-026N-23-012
cryocooler N-03-178
crysbeam N-03-112
crystal N-36-4
crystal bars M-15-009
crystal defects R-03-6R-14-4
crystal growth J-03-6N-03-133N-03-149N-03-153N-03-164N-03-172N-11-3N-23-123R-06-2R-07-027R-15-3R-16-4R-18-3R-18-6
crystal identification M-15-019
crystal scintillator slow component N-36-5
crystalline scintillator N-03-136
crystallography BDW-05-3
crystals N-07-3
cs-134m N-23-077
cs2hfcl6 N-03-171
csa N-03-005N-15-3N-15-4
csbr N-03-141
csi N-13-2
csi crystals N-03-152
csi scintillator N-23-078
csi self-activation method N-03-087N-23-077
csi:tl N-23-155N-36-3R-07-012
csi:tl scintillation model N-23-145
csi:tl scintillation performnce N-23-128
ct J-03-3M-03-051M-03-077M-03-079M-12-1M-14-6M-15-064M-16-1R-07-040
ct reconstruction M-03-082M-08-066M-08-084M-15-088
ctbto N-27-2
ctd system N-23-031
cube N-19-6
cubesat N-03-020N-23-017
cupping M-03-051
current R-07-025
current supplies N-03-003
current waveforms R-07-005
currie equation N-03-030
curved csl M-08-006
curved scintillators M-08-006
custom electronics N-23-069
custom photomultipliers N-03-125
cvd diamond N-23-108
cyclotron N-03-075
cylindical gem N-23-052
cylindrical lanthanum bromide scintillation detectors N-23-141
czochralski N-36-1
czochralski method N-03-153
czt J-01-2J-01-3J-03-5J-03-6M-09-4M-15-047N-03-005R-02-2R-04-4R-07-037R-07-041R-13-5R-15-1R-17-1R-17-3
czt detector N-15-2R-07-003
czt detectors R-01-4R-05-6
czt pixel detectors R-03-5
d-intex M-04-5
daily exam perspective M-08-056
daq N-18-2N-18-4N-18-6N-23-037N-35-6
dark field scatter M-08-069
dark matter N-03-023N-03-113N-03-116
dark matter detector N-23-015
data N-23-037
data acquisition BDW-02-1J-02-3N-03-040N-03-042N-23-035N-23-039
data acquisition system N-03-031N-03-034N-18-5N-23-026N-35-4
data acquisition systems N-03-043
data analysis -2M-15-078N-14-3N-14-6N-37-6
data center bridging N-03-034
data completeness DBIS-02-3
data curation N-14-2
data flow N-03-036
data fusion N-26-3N-40-1
data lifecycle N-14-2
data management N-14-2
data processing BDW-05-3N-14-3
data rebinning M-15-061
data science BDW-02-1
data-driven M-08-058M-08-062M-15-052
data-driven gating M-12-3
data-driven respiratory motion detection M-08-050
data-link N-23-032
database -2
datscan DBIS-02-3M-03-112M-15-035M-15-078
dc-dc converter N-29-6
dcis M-10-3
de-e N-23-105
de-noising M-15-073
dead layer N-23-102
deadtime M-15-062
decay N-23-140
decay profiles N-23-128
decaying self-activation imaging method N-23-078
decommissioning N-03-102N-09-4N-16-1
dedicated cardiac spect M-03-063
dedicated positron emission tomography M-08-118
deep convolutional neural networks M-08-095M-12-6
deep learning BDW-01-3BDW-04-2M-03-036M-04-1M-12-6M-15-049M-15-097
deep residual learning M-16-4
deep-learning M-12-1
defect R-09-2
defect levels R-11-2
defect perovskite R-09-1
defects N-23-133R-02-2R-09-5
defrise phantom M-08-033
degradation N-04-1
delayed gamma rays N-14-1
delayed neutron N-23-076
delayed neutrons N-03-065
delayed radiation N-03-063
dementia diagnosis M-09-6
denoising M-02-6
depfet N-15-3N-15-4N-18-2N-20-4N-23-166N-34-6
depletion region R-07-022
depth of interaction DBIS-02-5M-03-039M-08-003M-08-008M-08-011M-08-017M-08-039M-13-1M-13-4M-15-020M-15-022N-04-5N-24-6N-33-2
depth of interaction (doi) M-03-004M-15-117
depth-encoding M-03-031
depth-encoding pet detector M-03-004
depth-fitting method R-05-1
depth-of-interaction DBIS-01-2M-07-4M-08-009M-15-001M-15-009M-15-036
design M-08-009
design optimization M-08-022
detection M-14-3N-23-022N-26-1N-39-5
detection algorithms N-40-1
detection efficiency M-03-115N-39-2
detection limit N-03-030
detection networks N-03-028
detector J-01-6M-08-009M-08-016M-08-018N-03-008N-03-106N-03-185N-18-3N-19-1N-23-033N-24-5R-03-3R-07-027
detector array N-03-073N-23-092
detector calibration M-15-013
detector crosstalk N-23-092
detector material R-18-6
detector models M-03-118
detector module M-03-003
detector performance M-03-115
detector pixel M-15-080
detector polarization R-05-2
detector readout N-03-007
detector readout electronics N-23-036
detector response N-33-6
detector response function N-03-109
detector response functions N-10-3
detector system N-23-050
detector system development N-23-034
detectors N-03-162N-06-1N-19-2N-28-6R-07-019
device characterization N-03-092
diagnostic M-08-045
diamond N-03-014
diamond detectors N-22-5
diamond neutron detector N-39-6
dictionaries M-08-053
dictionary learning M-03-086
differential die-away N-23-057
differential scanning calorimetry R-07-004
differential to single-ended conversion N-23-101
diffraction N-03-025N-03-182
diffusion N-23-079
diffusion weighted imaging M-12-2
digital N-03-041
digital analysis N-23-038
digital asic R-07-008R-07-030
digital design N-23-039
digital pet M-03-032N-03-039
digital photon counting M-03-032
digital pulse processing J-01-4R-03-5
digital pulse shape N-23-101
digital readout R-05-1
digital signal processing N-18-3N-23-055
digital signal processing (dsp) N-05-2
digital silicon photomultiplier M-03-008M-03-043
digital sipm M-08-117M-15-004
digital tomosynthesis M-03-076
digitization N-03-004
digitizers N-03-037N-38-3
diode array N-03-069
diode scd N-23-072
dirc N-03-117N-23-104
dirc detectors N-38-5
direc ray tracing M-08-078
direct M-08-102M-18-3
direct conversion R-07-026
direct electron detection N-20-4
direct lor reconstruction M-08-077
direct parameter estimation M-18-2
direct parametric reconstruction M-08-082
direct positrons detection M-15-029
direct reconstruction M-18-1
direct x-ray detector R-16-3
direction N-23-096
directional gamma-ray imaging N-03-102
directionality N-03-073N-03-081
directionally solidified eutectic N-23-161
disarmament verification N-03-064
distributed daq N-03-037
dll N-23-006
dlts R-11-2
dmaps N-34-4
dnl N-08-5
dnsc R-07-028
doi DBIS-01-2DBIS-02-6M-03-006M-03-011M-03-026M-07-2M-08-003M-08-009M-08-024M-08-029M-14-1M-15-001M-15-013M-15-022M-15-025R-18-4
doi measurement M-03-015
dopants R-09-5
doping R-07-004R-07-011
doppler effect N-03-169
dose N-33-6
dose determination M-06-5
dose monitoring M-11-2
dose optimization M-15-060
dose rate N-23-096
dose rate linearity N-23-095
dose reduction M-15-068M-16-6
dose volume NCT-WS-02-3
dose-imaging J-02-1
dosimeter M-15-111N-03-135N-23-040N-23-098N-23-136R-16-1R-18-5
dosimetry J-02-2M-03-106M-03-111M-08-120M-15-107N-03-157N-03-158N-03-160N-23-018N-23-148N-27-6NCT-WS-02-3
double beta decay N-08-3
double photon emission N-16-2
double-photon emission computed tomography N-16-2
double-sided readout M-03-034
double-sided strip detector N-03-176
dpc M-15-026N-23-025
dqe M-17-6
drift chamber N-13-6
drift mobility R-07-003
drift time spectrum N-03-048
drift tube N-03-048N-23-041N-35-1N-35-5
drift-diffusion-recombination model N-23-162
drugs N-21-4
dry storage cask N-23-071
dsa M-15-096
dsc-mri M-03-098
dsipm M-15-026
dssc N-03-184N-15-3N-15-4N-23-175
dssc detector N-19-3N-37-5
dual alpha-gamma camera N-09-1
dual energy ct M-03-045
dual gating M-03-054
dual k-edge imaging M-10-1
dual mode scintillator N-03-133
dual readout M-03-011
dual resolution voxellation M-03-076
dual-ended readout M-15-020
dual-energy ct M-15-045M-16-5
dual-mode detection N-17-3
dune N-23-054N-28-1
dust monitor N-03-111
dwdm N-18-6
dynamic M-18-3
dynamic cardiac mri M-03-094
dynamic cerebral perfusion M-15-088
dynamic clusters N-37-6
dynamic fdg pet DBIS-01-7
dynamic imaging M-08-059M-15-101
dynamic intex M-04-5
dynamic pet M-08-073M-08-098M-08-113
dynamic pet data M-15-104
dynamic pet studies M-21-4
dynamic tot method N-16-3
e+-e- experiment N-12-5
early detection M-03-085
easypet M-15-121
ebic R-11-2
ed-xrf R-07-006
edge-readout M-07-2
edgeless R-03-3
eeg DBIS-02-8
efficiency N-03-022N-03-137N-23-151
efg N-36-1
eic N-13-5N-38-2N-41-1
ej-270 N-17-5
ej-299-33 N-39-4
ej-299-34 N-03-148
ej-309 N-03-162
electric field R-05-5R-13-6
electric field distribution R-13-4
electrical cooler N-03-115N-23-174
electrode injection R-13-1
electromagnetic calorimetry N-23-144
electromagnetic interactions N-10-2
electromagnetic shower N-36-4
electron beam N-23-154
electron beam system N-23-118
electron detector N-23-166
electron ion collider N-03-117
electron lifetime N-23-107
electron microscopy N-03-182
electron mobility-lifetime product R-05-1
electron response N-23-153
electron-positron collider N-23-046
electron-tracking N-20-6
electronic test stand N-03-056
electronics M-15-043N-18-1N-23-005N-23-050
electrorefining R-09-3
eli-np N-03-052
elliptic curves N-23-091
elpasolite N-03-133N-03-156N-23-152
elpasolite crystals N-17-2
embedded front-end electronics N-13-4
emergency response N-03-096N-27-5
emergent situation N-03-062
emission computed tomography M-15-067
emission imaging M-03-118
endodontics M-15-092
energy deposition N-23-021
energy resolution M-04-4M-08-067N-03-147N-11-4N-18-3N-23-067N-23-115N-23-138N-23-146N-23-154R-03-1R-07-018
energy resolving detectors M-15-048
energy selective imaging N-39-2
energy selective neutron imaging N-03-099
energy spectrum N-03-130
energy window M-04-4M-08-109
energy-resolved M-15-046
energy-resolved ct M-15-051
energy-weighted algorithm N-23-151
environmental monitoring R-07-032
environmental radioactivity survey N-16-3
epid M-17-6
epipolar consistency M-08-091
epitaxial growth R-07-014
epithermal neutrons N-39-4
ess N-03-091N-31-3N-31-5
etalon M-03-012
etching M-08-106R-11-2
eud4tea N-03-020
eudat N-14-2
european xfel N-19-3N-37-5
eutectic M-15-011
eutectic lif/caf2:eu N-03-083
event classification N-23-033
event reconstruction N-25-4
event-by-event M-04-5
evolutionary algorithm M-11-2
excess noise factor N-23-113
excitons N-03-139N-23-130
expectation-maximization M-18-1
expert system M-15-065
explorer DBIS-01-3M-14-1
extraterrestrial measurements N-06-1
eye fundus image M-08-086
fabrication N-39-5
factor analysis M-03-097
fano factor N-03-109
far field system M-10-4
farcos telescope N-38-6
fast decay N-23-124
fast neutron detection with gamma discrimination N-03-148
fast neutron imaging N-24-6
fast neutrons N-21-3N-39-4
fast shaper N-23-112
fast silicon tracking detectors N-03-179
fast simulation N-03-026N-14-4
fast timing N-03-155
fast-neutron-sensitivity N-31-4
fastspect iii M-13-2
fbk rgb-hd M-03-001
fbp M-03-068
fdg M-08-100M-18-1
fdg kinetics M-08-098
fdg pet M-06-2
fdg-pet M-15-095
feature detector M-06-4
feature extraction M-15-089
feature refinement M-03-064
fel N-03-184
femtoscopy N-38-6
femtosecond timing N-23-006
fet-pet M-03-098
fiber coupling N-24-3
fiber optic N-03-103
fibre bragg grating N-32-6
fibre optic N-03-138
field deployable N-23-056
field effect transistors R-11-3
field programmable gate arrays N-18-3
field response N-23-054
field-programmable gate array M-17-1
filter M-03-055
filtered back projection M-08-078
filtered back-projection (fbp) N-03-044
fine pixel array R-14-2
fissile material detection N-24-2
fission N-40-2
fission products N-03-077
fission-chain analysis N-40-5
fitting N-23-073
flash adc architecture N-03-012
flash x-ray R-17-3
flat panel detectors R-11-4
flat-panel detector M-08-019N-23-117
flat-panel insert M-09-3
flavor physics N-12-5
flexible radiation detectors R-11-3
float zone J-01-6
flood map quality M-15-017
fluka M-15-107N-10-2
fluorescence M-15-007M-15-112
fluorescent x-ray computed tomography R-07-039
fluoride N-03-134
fluoroscopic images M-15-089
fmc N-35-2
fmms N-03-106
fmt reconstruction M-08-076
focal plane R-05-4R-07-046
focal plane detector N-20-3
focusing collimators M-08-120
forward error correction N-03-042
forward tracking N-13-5
fouier analysis M-15-074
fourier crosstalk M-03-118
fourier transform N-03-032
fovea M-15-094
fpd N-03-129
fpga N-03-001N-03-033N-04-6N-09-2N-23-001N-23-005N-23-012N-23-027N-23-028N-23-029N-23-035N-29-3N-35-2
fpgas N-03-042
fractal dimension M-08-093
fractional order differentiation M-15-091
free-breathing M-15-093
free-moving imaging N-16-6
freely-moving M-15-029
frisch grid R-07-003
front-end J-03-5N-23-112
front-end asic N-03-175N-05-3N-23-007N-28-2
front-end electronics M-03-020N-13-3N-23-011N-23-026N-23-055R-17-6
front-end electronics for detector readout N-05-2R-17-5
front-end electronics. N-29-4
front-end for gem N-28-6
front-end readout N-03-038
frontend N-28-4
fuel motion monitoring system N-03-104
fukushima R-02-5
fukushima daiichi nuclear power station N-16-1
full field of view R-03-3
fully differential N-28-2
fuser N-26-5
fusion M-10-2N-23-022
fusion plasma diagnostics N-28-5
g-2/edm N-03-175
g-ray detection R-16-4
ga doping N-23-147
ga-68 M-15-063
ga2o3 N-03-145
gaas R-04-1
gaas detectors N-23-171
gadolinium N-39-1
gadolinium nanoparticles M-03-053
gagg M-15-018N-03-155N-23-059N-23-103N-23-134
gain N-23-113
gain calibration N-23-170
gain control M-09-5
galactic cosmic rays N-03-014
gamma N-23-066
gamma camera M-08-111M-08-121M-15-003M-15-106M-17-4N-03-102N-03-105N-23-059N-23-072R-02-3
gamma detection N-03-066N-04-4N-11-2N-11-3N-24-4
gamma detector M-08-011
gamma detectors N-33-4
gamma imager R-02-3
gamma imaging M-15-012N-03-071N-03-076R-01-4
gamma imaging systems R-02-3
gamma neutron discrimination N-03-095
gamma radiography N-23-092
gamma ray M-03-048N-03-052R-07-003R-18-6
gamma ray ct M-03-048
gamma ray detection N-03-081
gamma ray detector M-08-042N-23-048
gamma ray detectors N-23-013
gamma ray imaging J-01-3N-23-091
gamma ray spectroscopy N-23-020
gamma rays N-03-010N-03-063N-06-5
gamma spectrometry R-01-4
gamma spectrometry compton suppression nuclear safeguards N-23-074
gamma spectroscopy J-03-6M-11-4N-03-080N-11-6N-17-4N-27-4R-07-030
gamma telescope N-23-033
gamma-neutron discrimination N-03-067
gamma-ray N-03-156N-23-096N-23-152
gamma-ray ct N-03-044
gamma-ray detection N-03-133N-23-172
gamma-ray detector M-06-3N-23-084N-23-095R-07-031R-11-1
gamma-ray detectors N-23-126
gamma-ray emission tomography J-03-4N-09-6
gamma-ray imager R-01-3
gamma-ray imaging M-15-010N-03-064N-04-5N-09-4N-16-5N-23-007N-23-094R-02-5
gamma-ray medical imaging M-08-110
gamma-ray sensor R-09-5
gamma-ray spectrometer R-01-3
gamma-ray spectrometry N-03-077N-03-165N-23-127
gamma-ray spectroscopy N-03-140N-03-172N-26-4N-41-5
gamma-ray vision R-02-5
gamma-rays N-03-019R-05-4
gamma-sensitivity N-31-4
gan N-30-5
gantry-mounted cbct M-15-105
gapd N-08-1
garnet N-03-085N-03-147N-03-154
garnets N-36-6
gas detectors N-25-6
gas effluence N-26-5
gas electron multiplier N-23-052N-25-2
gas ionization chamber N-23-105
gas scintillation detector N-23-084
gaseous detector N-13-5
gaseous detectors N-03-047N-31-2
gaseous particle detector N-03-047
gaseous radiation detectors N-25-3
gastric cancer M-15-024
gate M-03-110M-03-111M-03-117M-08-115M-15-116M-15-121M-19-4
gate optical simulation M-08-123
gate simulation M-08-111M-15-118M-15-119N-03-044
gated diode N-23-165
gating M-08-061M-08-062
gating gem N-25-5
gaussian M-15-035N-26-1
gaussian standard deviation N-03-109
geant4 M-03-110M-03-111M-08-114M-08-117M-08-122N-03-022N-03-024N-03-091N-14-5N-23-061N-23-075N-23-093N-31-3N-37-4R-07-033R-07-035R-07-044
geant4 simulation M-06-5M-11-3N-03-137N-31-1
geant4-dna -5
geant4egs N-40-3
gem J-02-1N-03-049N-05-3N-12-2N-13-5N-23-117N-25-4N-25-6N-38-2N-39-1
gem detector N-03-088
genetic algorithm N-23-038
geodesics M-12-2
geology N-03-021
geomagnetic north pole N-39-4
geometry characterization M-13-2
germanium N-03-176N-03-185
germanium detector N-03-177N-03-180
ggag N-03-154
ghost imaging BDW-01-2
gigabit link N-03-009
giu N-35-1
glass N-03-086N-23-124N-23-129
glass gem J-02-1N-23-117
glass plate M-03-004
glass-ceramic N-23-131
glass-ceramics N-03-086
glioblastoma DBIS-01-7M-15-103
glioma M-08-089
glow discharge mass spectroscopy R-07-004
glucose metabolic rate M-15-027
glucose metabolism M-03-099
gold nanoparticles M-16-2NCT-WS-01-2
gps scintillator plate N-03-111
gpu M-03-077M-03-108M-08-100
gpu acceleration M-08-082
gpu reconstruction M-09-3M-13-6
gradient domain reconstruction M-08-075
gradient system M-03-114
gradient tree boosting M-15-004
grading M-03-098
grangeat’s fundamental relation M-10-6
graph cuts M-08-091
graph laplacian M-12-4
graphene R-07-021
graphical user interface. M-03-111
grating interferometry N-19-4
group-wise registration M-08-090
gso N-23-130
gui M-03-110
guided reconstruction M-02-2
hadron calorimetry N-03-050
hadron endcap calorimeter N-23-045
hadron physics N-23-104N-38-5
hadron therapy J-02-1M-03-100M-11-5M-15-113N-10-2N-20-5
hadron-therapy M-08-110
hadronic calorimetry N-07-5
hadronic interactions N-10-2
hadrontherapy M-11-1M-15-107N-35-4
half brightness fluence N-03-020
half-quadratic optimization M-08-079
halide perovskite R-09-1
halide-lanthanide scintillators N-03-165
halides N-11-5N-23-133N-23-138
hall R-07-016
hall effect R-07-015
hard x and soft-gamma rays R-07-041
hard x-ray imaging N-23-007
harsh radiation environment N-03-006
hausdorff distance M-12-2
hci M-15-090
he-3 detectors N-31-5
he-3 free neutron detectors N-24-2
head and neck M-08-032
head and neck cancers M-08-118
head motion tracking M-15-058
head tracking M-03-033
heat transfers N-09-3
heat treatment N-23-123
heating rate N-03-107
heavy ion N-23-167
heavy ion radiotherapy N-23-121
heavy ion therapy M-08-122M-11-3M-15-108
helical ct M-15-054
helium imaging M-08-114
helium3 N-39-4
helmet pet M-03-065M-09-6
henry's coefficient N-23-107
hep N-32-2
hep detector systems N-07-5
heterogeneity analysis M-08-054
heterogeneous medium M-15-118
hg3se2i2 R-18-3
hierarchical bayesian model M-08-100
high burn-up fuel N-23-097
high count rate N-19-6
high dynamic range N-15-6
high efficiency J-03-2
high energy astrophysics N-23-016
high energy physics N-23-010N-23-053N-32-3N-32-6
high energy physics experiment N-14-4
high energy physics instrumentation N-12-5N-23-055
high energy resolution N-04-3
high flux R-05-2R-13-1
high light yield N-03-172
high mobility semiconducting oxide R-11-3
high performance adc N-03-012
high position resolution N-23-048
high precision N-20-4
high rate capability N-13-4
high rate front-end electronics. M-17-5
high rates N-23-041
high resistivity R-07-004
high resolution M-03-007M-08-026M-17-4N-23-134R-07-008
high resolution pet M-03-018
high resolution pet detectors M-13-1
high resolution spect M-13-2
high resolution timing N-03-009
high spatial resolution M-15-022N-23-087
high speed N-20-4
high speed imaging BDW-06-1
high speed tomography M-08-047
high temperature measurements R-11-2
high throughput astronomy N-03-016
high timing resolution N-34-2
high voltage N-29-5
high voltage units N-23-049
high-energy x-rays BDW-03-2
high-flux R-02-2
high-granularity calorimetry N-23-053
high-granularity detectors R-03-6
high-growth-rate sintillator M-15-033
high-luminosity lhc N-05-1
high-performance computing M-08-113
high-rate R-07-006
high-resolution M-03-024M-15-023
high-resolution pet reconstruction M-03-078
high-resolution radiation imaging N-23-161
high-resolution spectrometer J-01-2
high-spectral-resolution R-07-006
high-speed N-05-5
high-temperature N-23-127
high-throughput optical transmission N-35-4
higher order singular value decomposition M-12-4
highly granular calorimeters N-07-5
highz R-04-1
himac M-15-107
hl-lhc BDW-03-3BDW-04-2N-03-059N-07-6N-22-1N-35-1
hodoscope N-35-4
homeland security N-03-063N-03-066N-03-074N-23-066N-24-4N-40-1
horizon 2020 N-14-2
hot press N-03-163
hough transform N-23-091
hpge M-03-061N-03-115N-03-176N-04-5N-23-174
hpge detector N-26-4
hpge ppc detector N-15-5
hrrt M-08-052M-15-115
human-brain-imaging M-08-002
hv/hr cmos N-34-5
hybrid charge division multiplexing M-15-034
hybrid detectors R-17-5
hybrid emission tomography M-08-040
hybrid pet/mr M-08-068
hybrid photon counting M-16-1
hybrid pixel detector N-19-4N-23-173
hybrid pixel detectors N-23-018N-23-162
hybrid-pixel R-07-006
hydrothermal synthesis N-23-147
hygroscopic N-03-167
hyper-kamiokande N-30-2
hyperspectral M-06-3
hypoxia M-15-103
hypr-osem M-03-069M-15-073
i-128 N-23-077
i124 M-08-101
ibex N-03-182R-03-1
ibf N-38-2
icf N-21-5
icp M-03-087
ide3380 N-03-010
ide3466 N-23-017
idif M-03-095
idrf M-08-035
ied detection N-03-079
igzo N-03-129
ihypr M-03-069
ii-vi semiconductor R-14-1
ilc N-23-046N-25-5
illicit trafficking of nuclear materials N-24-2
illumination equalization M-15-044
image analysis DBIS-01-6M-03-083N-23-091
image derived input function M-03-097
image enhancement M-08-095
image fusion M-08-088
image guided small animal irradiator M-08-020
image intensifier NCT-WS-02-3
image noise M-03-063
image processing M-12-6
image quality M-03-066M-08-066M-14-2M-14-6M-17-6M-21-1N-03-071N-21-3
image quality metrics J-03-4
image quantification M-03-053
image reconstruction BDW-01-1J-03-4M-02-2M-03-071M-03-108M-08-035M-08-041M-08-049M-08-072M-08-073M-08-074M-08-075M-08-079M-08-080M-12-6M-14-3M-14-5M-15-065M-15-066M-15-078M-15-083M-15-087M-15-123M-15-075M-20-5N-03-021N-03-098N-16-5
image registration M-12-2
image segmentation M-08-096M-12-4M-15-091M-15-092
image-guide tumor resection M-04-7
image-guided treatment M-08-112
imaging BDW-02-2M-08-045M-08-105M-10-5N-03-021N-03-097N-03-100N-04-2N-16-4N-17-4N-21-6N-23-066N-23-075N-27-5N-39-3R-03-3R-04-4R-07-043R-11-4
imaging calorimetry N-07-1
imaging mass spectrometer N-23-002
imaging plates N-11-6
imaging system M-08-025
imrt M-08-112
imrt maps vmat mlc epid upstream detectors M-03-107
in vivo dosimetry M-15-113
in-beam pet M-03-029M-08-122M-11-1M-15-108
in-beam pet imaging M-15-107
in-beam quality assurance M-11-3
in-situ imaging M-03-100
in-vivo imaging M-03-083M-11-1M-14-4
in-water wireless transmission N-23-100
in111 M-15-120
inch-sized N-23-138
increase in digital current N-29-1
incremental iterative algorithm R-18-1
indirect conversion R-07-026
indocyianine green (icg) M-08-023
induced absorption N-03-131
induced radioactivity N-03-053
industrial ct N-03-074
inert gases crystals N-23-015
infinity norm regularization M-18-5
infrared spectroscopy J-03-2
ink-jet printing R-07-025
inl N-08-5
inorganic fiber M-03-106
inorganic-organic composite N-33-5
inorganic-organic hybrid nanomaterial R-16-3
insert DBIS-02-7
inspection J-01-6
instrumentation M-15-036N-23-053
instrumentation for hadron therapy M-03-104
integrated readout electronics N-28-3
intensity estimation R-07-034
intensity modulated radiotherapy M-08-106
intensity size zone matrix M-03-085
inter-crystal scatter M-15-023
inter-crystal scattering M-06-1
interaction M-15-090
interaction vertex imaging M-15-113
interactive image segmentation M-15-090
interference of mri M-03-038
interferometry M-08-069
international space station N-23-040
interpolation M-03-089
interventional radiology M-08-088
intex M-04-5
intraoperative M-15-024
intraoperative imaging M-08-023
intrinsic detector resolution M-15-005
intrinsic resolution N-03-151
invasive ductal carcinoma M-08-044
inverse beta decay N-23-099
inverse methods M-11-2
inverse monte carlo N-14-1
inverse problems M-15-092N-23-172
ionisation N-10-4
ionization chamber N-03-107
ionizing radiation damage N-29-2
ionizing radiation detection M-03-012M-07-6
iqid M-17-4
iris M-08-035
irradiation N-23-119
irradiation campaign N-09-3
irradiation field N-37-4
irregular M-08-062
iterative algorithm M-15-077M-20-6
iterative image reconstruction M-08-077
iterative reconstruction M-03-108M-08-071M-08-120M-14-6M-15-074M-15-105
ito N-25-4
its N-34-1
jacobian M-04-4
jdrs N-23-035
jiangmen neutrino experiment N-03-036
jitter N-23-006
joint estimation M-15-097
joint estimation of activity and attenuation M-15-076
joint image reconstruction M-20-2
joint reconstruction M-08-081
joint tensor and sparsity constraints M-15-088
jungfrau R-04-1
k-40 N-03-116
k-40 decay N-03-116
k-edge R-17-1
k-edge filters M-03-047
k-means M-15-104
kalman filter N-26-1N-26-3
kaonic atoms N-23-168
kerma rate N-03-107
kernel M-02-4M-03-072
kernel method M-08-073
kinect M-10-2
kinetic model M-08-101
kinetic modeling DBIS-01-7M-03-099M-06-2M-08-073M-15-027M-18-6
kinetic modelling M-03-097M-15-101M-18-4
kinetic monte carlo N-23-157
knife-edge slit M-08-108
ksr2i5 N-03-080
l-bfgs-b M-08-085
l-tct R-07-015
la(brxcl1-x)3:ce N-03-165
la-gps M-15-033
la-gps(ce) N-23-127
labr N-23-115
labr3 M-08-038M-11-5M-15-018N-28-4
labr3(ce) performance N-23-116
lacunarity M-08-093
lanthanum bromide N-03-077N-03-172
laparo-pet M-03-017
laparoscopic surgery M-08-023M-15-024
laplacian of gaussian M-15-044
laplacian-of-gaussian M-03-088
large area R-03-3
large area detectors N-23-016
large area high resolution low energy x-ray detectors J-01-5
large axial field-of-view M-09-1
large detector N-03-122
large dynamic range N-03-015
large hadron collider N-03-026
large high altitude air shower observatory (lhaaso) N-03-015
large trucks N-21-4
laser induced optical barriers M-08-017
laser irradiation R-07-011
laser-driven particle accelerators J-03-1
laser-induced transient current technique R-07-015
laue diffraction N-19-4
lcls M-07-6
lead flouride M-03-040
lens N-27-1
lepton flavour N-23-111
lesion detectability M-14-2
lesion detection M-21-1
lesion embedding M-15-065
lesion segmentation M-03-092
let N-23-040
leuhr collimator M-17-4
level set M-15-091
levelset M-15-039
lfs M-08-020M-15-018
lgad N-20-2
lgso M-03-019
lhc N-03-038N-03-055N-23-030N-23-164N-34-2N-35-1N-35-5N-37-1
lhc cms gaseous detectors drift chambers muon N-23-051
lhcb N-03-026N-03-118N-23-004
li N-03-089
li-glass scintillation detector N-03-097
lif:zns N-40-4
lif:zns(ag) N-26-2
lifetime of photomultipliers N-03-125
light collection N-04-4
light distribution M-08-121
light guide M-08-042N-03-067N-03-095N-38-4
light output N-03-082N-03-170N-23-123N-39-5
light sharing M-03-031M-15-017
light sharing detector M-06-1
light sharing process M-03-004
light transport M-08-017
light transport modeling M-19-2
light window M-03-015
light yield N-03-154N-41-2
lightguide M-08-011
liinse2 R-07-027R-07-042
limited statistics N-23-170
limited-angle tomography M-08-057M-15-023
linac NCT-WS-02-3
line of response M-08-078M-15-030
linear attenuation coefficient M-15-046
linear collider N-23-053
liquid argon N-23-054N-23-107N-41-2
liquid argon calorimeter N-03-056
liquid argon tpc N-28-1
liquid nitrogen operation N-15-5
liquid scintillants N-09-2
liquid scintillation N-03-062
liquid scintillation counter N-03-022
liquid scintillators N-03-064
liquid xenon N-08-3N-12-4
list-mode M-02-4
list-mode data M-15-079
lithium glass N-23-079
lithium indium diselenide R-07-042
lithium sodium iodide N-17-1
lithium-loaded N-17-5
liver radioembolization M-08-064
llcls-ii BDW-05-2
local impulse response (lir) M-15-065
localization N-03-073
localizing lymph nodes M-03-073
locally adaptive gating M-03-071
locoregional M-15-023
long axial field-of-view M-21-1
long-range imaging N-03-076
longitudinal image reconstruction M-08-072
low jitter N-08-6
low noise N-08-6
low background N-03-115
low cost M-13-4M-15-030N-03-001N-05-6
low dose ct M-15-105
low energy nuclear reaction N-04-2
low gain avalanche detector N-34-2
low noise J-03-5N-05-5N-19-6N-20-1
low noise processing N-29-2
low power N-05-6N-28-3
low rank plus sparse decomposition M-03-094
low refractive index N-03-060
low-count M-02-4
low-dose M-06-2M-12-5M-16-3N-03-075
low-dose ct M-03-082M-08-051M-08-097M-15-051M-15-075
low-level source N-03-028
low-noise N-15-2N-28-2N-28-6
low-noise asic N-15-5
low-noise electronics R-17-2
low-power N-15-2N-28-6
low-power electronics N-03-003R-17-2
lp-ntpet M-18-2
lps N-03-150
lroc M-14-6
lrrk2 M-15-102
lsi M-12-5
lso M-15-018N-03-150
lu176 M-15-026
luag N-03-146N-23-143
luag:ce N-03-132
luminescence M-08-105M-10-5M-15-007
luminescence mapping N-36-3
luminescent sensors N-03-020
luminoisty N-12-3
luminosity N-23-047
lung cancer M-08-051M-08-098
lung cancer screening M-06-2
lung density variation M-03-062
lung nodules M-08-097
lutetium background radiation M-15-019
lymph nodes metastasis M-15-024
lymphatic imaging M-17-4
lyso M-03-006M-03-011M-03-024M-07-6M-08-008M-08-029M-08-038M-08-123M-15-021N-05-4N-23-089N-23-134
lyso (ca doped) M-15-018
lyso:ce scintillator M-08-017
m-line M-03-068
machine learning BDW-03-3M-03-058M-03-060M-08-036M-08-051M-12-6M-15-089M-15-075N-03-081
machine vision N-23-033
magic cherenkov pmt sipm N-03-018
magnetic czochralski J-01-6
magnetic field compatibility M-13-3
magnetic resonance imaging M-03-092M-15-085
mahalanobis distance N-26-4
maldi-tof N-23-002
mammograms M-08-093
mammography M-08-095N-23-019
man-made radiation sources N-23-064
manifold learning BDW-05-1
map-making N-40-3
mapbbr3 R-07-016
maps M-08-106M-15-029N-20-5N-23-011N-34-1
marker-controlled watershed M-03-092
markerless motion estimation M-21-6
markerless motion tracking M-06-4
markov random field M-08-100
matched filter M-03-088M-15-044
matching pursuit (mp) M-08-076
material decomposition M-03-045M-08-046M-08-047M-08-048M-15-050M-15-096M-16-1M-16-4N-03-074
material decompostion M-15-047
material discrimination N-03-044
material identification M-15-053
material testing reactor N-09-3
maximum likelihood M-03-075M-07-4
maximum likelihood estimation M-03-013M-08-015
maximum likelihood expectation maximization M-08-078
maximum likelihood expectation maximization (mlem) M-15-028
maximum likelihood reconstruction of activity and attenuation (mlaa) M-15-097
maximum likelihood-expectation maximization (mlem) M-03-064
maximum-likelihood estimation M-15-100
mbir M-14-6
mc simulation M-08-107
mcmc M-08-083
mcnp N-10-3N-37-3
mcnp dosimetry M-08-119
mcp N-03-119N-30-3
mcp-pmt M-08-012N-12-1
md-sipm M-15-031N-08-6
mdt N-23-041
mean-shif segmentationt M-15-098
medical imaging J-03-6M-08-007M-15-064M-15-090
medical physics N-23-039
medipix R-07-040
medipix spectroscopic imaging cdte equalization R-04-2
medipix3rx N-23-080
metal artifacts M-15-081M-15-054
metal halide N-23-160
metal halides N-23-159
metal-loaded plastic scintillators N-03-140
method N-03-110
mg2sio4 N-23-132
micro computed tomography M-15-092
micro vertex detector N-23-035
micro-channel plate N-30-4
micro-ct M-08-065M-14-4
micro-pattern detectors N-13-1
micro-tpc N-25-6
micro-xrf R-07-006
microangiography M-10-1
microbeam radiation therapy N-03-138R-18-5
microboone N-23-054
microcalcifications M-10-3
microchannel plate N-30-5
microcolumnar scintillator N-24-1
microcolumnar scintillators N-17-1
microdosimetry N-03-014
microlens N-08-6
micromegas N-13-2N-38-2
micromegas detector N-03-038
micron-resolution M-08-080
micropattern detectors N-03-047
micropattern gas detectors N-13-3
microscale x-ray mapping R-03-5
microscopy BDW-02-2
microstrip N-03-183
microstructure N-03-132
microstructured detectors N-23-079
mild cognitive impairment M-03-085
mini-sdd N-15-4
mixed detector M-15-123
mixed field dosimetry N-23-018
mixed resolution detectors M-03-025
mixed signals elecronics N-05-5
mixed-signal design N-05-3
mixed-signal ic design N-23-003
mlaa M-04-6M-20-1M-20-4
mlem R-07-013
mmgr N-03-075
mobile N-03-075
mobile gamma imaging device M-08-014
mobility R-13-4
mobility-lifetime product R-07-003
model N-03-168N-23-021N-23-155
model observers M-14-5
model verification N-23-034
model-based reconstruction M-03-050
modeling N-10-6N-37-3
modulation M-08-106
module M-08-009
molecubes M-15-022
molecular breast imaging M-09-4
molecular imaging NCT-WS-01-2NCT-WS-02-1
monitoring M-08-062N-07-4
monitoring system N-32-6
monochromatic images M-16-4
monoclonal antibody M-08-101
monolithic M-03-006M-08-013
monolithic active pixel sensor M-08-106
monolithic active pixel sensors N-22-2N-34-4
monolithic crystal M-03-036M-15-080
monolithic detector M-03-013M-08-015M-15-013
monolithic scintillator M-08-110M-08-117N-03-004
monolithic scintillator detector M-03-113M-15-004
monolithic scintillators DBIS-02-5M-08-004M-15-005
monolithic sensors N-23-011
monte carlo -5-2M-08-120M-08-121M-17-6N-03-021N-03-023N-03-081N-03-091N-03-168N-10-2N-10-6N-23-019N-23-061N-23-102
monte carlo calculation N-03-089
monte carlo method N-23-063
monte carlo simulation M-03-109M-03-111M-03-117M-08-056M-08-065M-08-116M-08-122M-11-6M-19-3N-03-024N-03-026R-07-040
monte carlo simulations R-07-041
monte-carlo simulation M-08-109M-15-028N-03-051
monte-carlo simulations M-15-115
morphological processing M-08-086
motion M-08-062
motion analysis M-03-083
motion compensation M-03-094M-15-052
motion correction M-03-027M-08-061M-15-054M-21-5
motion estimation M-03-087M-08-090M-08-091
motion tracking M-03-027M-15-064M-21-6
motioncorrection M-03-049
mouse brain M-21-5
mouse tumor xenograft models M-03-028
moving blocker M-16-6
mpgd N-13-2N-23-117N-25-6N-38-2
mppc M-03-003M-08-020M-12-5M-16-3N-03-001N-03-112N-12-4N-23-050N-23-112N-23-115
mppc properties N-23-119
mr DBIS-02-8
mr based attenuation correction M-08-060
mr compatibility M-03-038
mr components M-15-037
mr guided de-noising M-08-087
mr insert pet M-07-3
mr-based attenuation map M-03-060
mr-compatible spect DBIS-02-1
mr-dwi M-15-056
mr-guided pet reconstruction M-03-078
mri DBIS-01-2DBIS-02-6DBIS-02-7J-02-6M-02-1M-03-072M-03-114M-08-034M-08-089M-08-112M-12-2M-15-036M-15-064
mri-spect M-06-3
mtas N-03-116
mtca.4 N-35-2
mtf M-08-033M-08-065
mu2e N-03-152N-07-3N-23-111N-23-154
mu3e N-03-009
multi channel adc N-15-3
multi-bed-position reconstruction M-13-2
multi-blade N-31-3
multi-channel N-04-6N-23-031
multi-channel readout N-03-004
multi-channel readout board N-35-4
multi-field treatment plan M-11-1
multi-focus M-03-074
multi-grid N-03-091
multi-grid technology N-31-5
multi-isotope M-08-080M-15-087
multi-material decomposition M-15-049
multi-materials decomposition M-15-045
multi-modal imaging M-02-1
multi-modality data fusion R-02-5
multi-pinhole M-03-112M-15-116
multi-pinhole (mph) M-15-035
multi-purpose test station N-03-104
multi-scale M-08-095
multi-threshold detector M-16-1
multi-tracer M-02-2
multi-view M-08-088
multi-voltage threshold N-03-039
multi-voltage threshold (mvt) digitization N-03-045
multi-wire proportional chamber M-08-026
multianode photomultiplier N-23-083
multichannel N-05-5
multichannel array N-03-118
multicolor M-12-5
multigrid M-03-079
multimodal M-12-4
multimodal imaging M-13-3
multipinhole M-08-115
multiple bit upsets N-29-3
multiple coulomb scattering M-15-110R-07-044
multiple decay analysis N-23-158
multiple monoenergetic gamma rays N-03-075
multiple projection views M-03-059
multiple timestamps M-15-031
multiplexed pet M-08-101
multiplexing M-08-001M-08-115M-15-012M-15-038M-15-072N-03-032N-23-025N-29-5
multiplexing circuit N-23-072
multiplexing readout M-03-009M-15-008
multiresolution M-03-079
multithreaded N-03-036
multivariate data analysis N-26-4
muon N-03-175N-12-2N-23-041N-35-1
muon ct R-07-035
muon detector N-03-038N-35-5
muon detector (md) N-03-015
muon gem cms upgrade N-25-1
muon path R-07-044
muon scattering tomography N-23-061
muon tomography N-03-068N-23-060N-23-071
muons N-03-166N-23-042
mutiple foil activation method N-03-029
mvt M-03-009
mwdc N-03-114
mwpc N-31-6
myocardial blood flow M-08-059M-18-6
myocardial blood flow reserve M-18-6
myocardial perfusion M-03-050M-03-054M-15-057M-15-099
nai(tl) M-15-003N-03-151N-23-021N-23-096N-23-115
nail N-17-6
namc M-08-061
nano-scale defects R-13-3
nanocomposite N-11-2
nanocrystals N-11-2
nanomaterials N-23-058
nanoparticle M-15-007M-15-112
nanoparticles NCT-WS-01-3
nanosecond x-ray detectors N-23-171
naturally occurring radioactive materials N-23-064
nd:yag N-03-103
ndt J-01-6
near field system M-10-4
near infrared N-03-146
near-infrared (nir) M-08-023
nema M-08-067M-15-070M-19-4
nema nu2 M-03-067
neq M-08-065
network fusion algorithms N-03-028
network switch N-03-034N-03-043
neural network N-23-025
neuroimaging M-06-4
neuroinflammation M-03-097
neuroscience M-03-033
neurotransmitter M-15-104
neurotransmitter response M-18-2
neutrino N-12-6N-23-050N-23-054N-23-107N-30-2
neutrino physics N-03-058
neutron N-03-086N-03-097N-03-100N-03-156N-22-6N-23-066N-23-075N-23-080N-23-136N-23-152N-24-5N-27-1N-37-3N-39-5N-41-2
neutron absorption imaging N-03-088
neutron ambient dose equivalent N-23-077
neutron and gamma discrimination N-23-137
neutron camera N-21-1
neutron coincidence counting N-24-2
neutron computed tomography N-24-1
neutron conversion N-23-088
neutron counting N-23-047
neutron detection N-03-081N-03-121N-03-133N-09-6N-17-3N-17-4N-17-6N-23-056N-23-085N-24-4N-27-3N-31-6R-07-042
neutron detection efficiency N-23-082
neutron detector N-03-083N-03-085N-03-091N-23-009N-23-065N-23-084N-23-108N-26-2N-31-3N-39-1N-40-4R-01-3R-11-2R-17-4
neutron detectors N-23-081N-23-086N-27-4N-31-5N-33-4N-39-6
neutron diffraction N-31-6
neutron distribution measurement N-23-078
neutron energy measurement N-06-4
neutron fluence N-23-119
neutron flux N-23-088
neutron flux measurement N-03-084
neutron imaging N-03-064N-03-076N-03-096N-13-1N-21-5N-23-056N-23-079N-40-5R-07-042
neutron irradiation N-03-118
neutron light output N-23-067
neutron microscope N-23-087
neutron radiography N-17-1N-23-090N-24-1
neutron reflectometry N-31-2N-31-3
neutron scatter camera N-03-096N-27-5
neutron scattering N-31-1N-31-3
neutron scintillation detector N-23-083
neutron scintillator N-03-082N-03-134
neutron source N-39-3
neutron source characterization N-24-2
neutron spectrometer N-03-087