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Keyword Contributions
aaa T09-P10
aav T06-P11
aav5 T06-P07T06-P08T06-P09T06-P10SoA-17-03
abdominal aortic aneurysm T09-P02
abdominal venous thrombosis in children SoA-07-04
absorption SoA-09-02
acquired von willebrand syndrome T07-P14
acquired von-willebrand-disease T07-P18
activated protein c T03-P02T08-P05T08-P11T02-P05
active cancer T02-P01
acute myeloid leukemia SoA-09-04
ada T06-P16
adamts13 T04-P03T04-P10T08-P04SoA-07-02
adamts13 deficiency T07-P01T09-P05
adeno-associated virus T06-P05
adenosine deaminase 2 deficiency T10-P03
adenovirus-associated virus T06-P11
adhesion T09-P09
adolescent T07-P07
adverse events T06-P08T06-P29T06-P32
afm T06-P17
age-related comorbidities T06-P36
aggregation T09-P09
aggregometry T08-P16
agnus castus T11-P05
akt-signaling SoA-17-04
alpha ketoglutarate T08-P11
alzheimer’s disease T09-P21
amt-060 SoA-17-03
anchor polymer T01-P07
anemia T09-P23
angiogenesis T07-P11
angiopoietin-2 T04-P04
animal model T07-P11
anti-drug antibody T07-P06
anti-endothelial antibodies T03-P12
anti-xa activity T01-P10
anti-xa assay SoA-06-03
anticoagualtion SoA-16-05
anticoagulants T01-P02T01-P04T01-P05T01-P19
anticoagulation T01-P03T01-P06T04-P05T04-P14T08-P13T01-P12T01-P13T01-P14T01-P15T01-P16T01-P17T02-P04
antiphospholipid syndrome T10-P05SoA-16-06
antiplatelet therapy T08-P20
anxiety T02-P06
apoptosis T09-P16
aptamer T08-P05
ards T04-P16
argatroban SoA-06-04
arterial thromboembolism T02-P03
arterial thrombosis SoA-16-06
arterial thrombosis model T09-P18
arteriovenous malformations T07-P09
artrophaty T06-P24
atherosclerosis SoA-05-02
atrial fibrillation T01-P01T03-P07T02-P09SoA-09-02SoA-16-05
autoantibodies T09-P05
autoinflammation T10-P03
autophagy T06-P13T06-P15
autophagy secretory pathway T08-P02
avwd T07-P18
avws T10-P10
aβ40 T09-P21
b domain T06-P17
balance T10-P07
bariatric surgery T01-P17
bay 94-9027 T06-P34
bayesian inference T08-P08
bioinformatics T03-P08
biological aging T02-P07
biomarker profiling T03-P07
bleed treatment T10-P09T06-P39
bleeding T01-P04T03-P06T07-P17T07-P18T01-P11T01-P12T01-P13T01-P15T02-P04T06-P30T06-P33
bleeding and clotting T06-P02
bleeding disorder T09-P03
bleeding disorders T07-P14
bleeding events T01-P19
bleeding management T01-P11
bleeding of unknown cause T07-P15
bleeding rate T04-P15
bleeding rates SoA-07-03
bleeding tendency T07-P02
blended heparin T01-P02
bloc1s5 T07-P02
blood clotting T03-P04
blood transfusion T07-P04
bmi T06-P24T06-P31
bone marrow T09-P06
bone mineral density T06-P18
btk T09-P04
cancer T02-P04
cancer-associated thromboembolism SoA-09-03
car constructs T06-P20
cd44 T04-P04
cerebral amyloid angiopathy T09-P21
child T10-P08
children T06-P30
children and adolescents T10-P11
chronic lymphocytic leukemia T03-P12
chronic renal failure T01-P01
citrated- and edta plasma samples T08-P17
clinical decision support systems T03-P01
clinical trial T06-P03T06-P04
clinical trials T01-P19T06-P01T06-P02
clopidogrel T08-P20
clot SoA-05-04SoA-17-02
clot formation T08-P03
clotpro® T03-P06
clotting-based assay T08-P15
co-author T04-P12
coagulation T06-P18
coagulation activation SoA-09-04
coagulation disorder T04-P11
coagulation disorders T03-P03
coagulation factor vii SoA-05-02
coagulation methods T08-P13
coagulation monitoring T01-P14
coagulopathy T03-P05T08-P14
coating T01-P07
cognitive impairment T02-P10
cohort study SoA-06-05
cold storage of platelet T09-P16
collagen remodelling T02-P09
comparable effects T01-P05
complement system T09-P22
congenital factor vii (fvii) deficiency T11-P04
congenital fibrinogen deficiency T03-P03T07-P07
congenital heart disease T10-P10
contact system T08-P07
convalescent plasma T04-P02
conventional secretion T08-P02
conventional secretion pathway T06-P13
coronavirus T04-P06
covid T04-P10
covid-19 T04-P01T04-P02T04-P03T04-P09T04-P11T04-P13T04-P15T04-P16T04-P17T04-P18
covid-19 infection T04-P19
covid-19 platelet adhesion SoA-17-04
covid-19 vaccine T04-P14
crispr/cas9 knockouts T06-P15
critical care T07-P04
d-dimer T08-P17T01-P18
d-dimers T04-P11
deep vein thrombosis T03-P04T10-P11
delayed occurrence of schistocytes T07-P01
dementia T02-P10
depression T02-P06
diabetic kidney disease T09-P20
diagnostic accuracy T08-P18SoA-06-03
diagnostic study SoA-06-05
diagnostic workup T08-P08
differential mutations T03-P11
differential neutralization T01-P16
diga T06-P21
direct oral anticoagulants T03-P06T08-P13T08-P18T08-P19T01-P14SoA-06-03SoA-06-04SoA-09-02SoA-09-03
direct thrombin-inhibitor SoA-06-04
discrete choice experiment T06-P22
disease management T06-P25
dkd T08-P12
doac T01-P17SoA-07-05
doac dipstick T08-P18
doac dipstick® T03-P06
doac disptick T08-P13
dominant negative SoA-05-05
dual antiplatelet therapy T09-P23
dual task gait T10-P07
early pregnancy T11-P02
ecmo T04-P11T07-P18
eculizumab T11-P01
edoxaban T01-P11
efficacy T06-P06T06-P07T06-P09SoA-17-03
elderly T02-P10
electronic diary T06-P21
emergency setting T08-P19
emicizumab T07-P06T08-P03T06-P26T06-P31SoA-07-03
emicizumab interference T08-P01
emicizumab prophylaxis T06-P23
end-stage kidney disease SoA-16-05
endothelial barrier T04-P04
endothelial cell dysfunction T09-P20
epistaxis T07-P09
eptacog beta T10-P09T06-P39
etranacogene dezaparvovec T06-P06T06-P07T06-P08T06-P09T06-P10
exchange plasmapheresis T04-P10
extended half life T06-P34
f7 gene T07-P03
factor ix T06-P06T06-P10SoA-17-03
factor v leiden mutation T03-P02
factor viii T06-P18T06-P34T06-P38
factor xa inhibitors T01-P18
factor xii T08-P07
factor xiii SoA-06-02
fat embolism syndrome T08-P07
fatty acide regulation T02-P09
ferritin T04-P12
fibrin SoA-05-04
fibrinogen SoA-06-02
fluorescent microscopy and co-localization analysis T06-P15
fluorescent-guided surgery SoA-17-02
focal adhesion kinase SoA-05-04
foxp3 T08-P11
fsap T03-P09
fsap generation assay T03-P09
fvii deficiency T07-P03
fviii T06-P15T06-P17
fviii activity assay T08-P01
fviii secretion T08-P02T06-P13
fviii treatment monitoring T08-P01
fxii T04-P09T08-P12
fxiii T07-P04SoA-05-05
fxiii expression T03-P08
fxiiia T03-P14
gabaraps T06-P13
gastrectomy SoA-09-02
gene therapy T06-P01T06-P02T06-P03T06-P04T06-P05T06-P06T06-P11
gene transfer T06-P01T06-P02T06-P03T06-P04T06-P05T06-P11
genetic testing T07-P03
genetics T10-P03
ggcx T03-P11
ggcx in silico model T03-P11
glanzmann thrombasthenia T09-P24T09-P27
glioblastoma SoA-05-04SoA-17-02
glycoprotein αiibβ3 T09-P24
glycosaminoglycan T01-P08
glycosaminoglycans T01-P06T04-P08
gpvi T09-P04T09-P06T09-P10T09-P21
graft vs host disease T08-P11
grp78 T04-P04
habp2 T03-P09
haemophila T10-P12
haemophila a T06-P38
haemophilc arthropathy T06-P35
haemophilia T10-P09T06-P03T06-P04T06-P22T06-P24T06-P25T06-P30T06-P34T06-P37T06-P39SoA-07-03
haemophilia a T06-P32
haemophilia b T06-P28T06-P29
haemophilia treatment T06-P21
haven T06-P23T06-P31
head us T10-P06T06-P24
heavy menstrual bleeding T11-P05
hemodialysis T01-P01T01-P03T01-P07SoA-16-05
hemophilia T07-P06T07-P07T08-P03T10-P06T10-P07T06-P01T06-P02T06-P12T06-P27
hemophilia a T06-P18T06-P20T06-P23T06-P31T06-P36
hemophilia b T06-P06T06-P07T06-P08T06-P09
hemorrhage T01-P01
hemostasis T04-P11T09-P17
heparin T01-P02T01-P04T01-P07T04-P08
heparin enzyme immunoassay (hit-eia) T04-P05
heparin red T01-P08
heparin-induced thrombocytopenia T08-P08SoA-06-05
heparins T01-P05
hepatitis e virus infection T07-P01
hepatocellular carcinoma T06-P07
hereditary haemorragic telangiectasia T07-P09
hereditary thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura SoA-07-02
hereditary ttp T09-P05
hermansky-pudlak syndrome T07-P02
heterologous expression SoA-05-05
heterozygous mutations SoA-05-05
high performance liquid chromatography – tandem mass-spectrometry (hplc-ms/ms) SoA-06-04
hiv T06-P04
hps-11 T07-P02
hsct T09-P06
human coronary artery endothelial cells. T02-P05
human fibrinogen concentrate T03-P03
human platelet T09-P04
hyaluronan T04-P04
hypercoagulation T04-P12
hyperglycemia T02-P05
hyperlipidemia T02-P05
hypofibrinogenemia T03-P01
hypofibrinolysis T04-P16
i/d ace polymorphism T02-P10
ich T06-P30
immune checkpoint inhibitor T02-P03
immune thrombotic thrombopenic purpura T07-P01
immune-related effects T09-P08
immunoassay T07-P06
immunofluorescence T10-P04
immunosuppression T06-P05
immunotherapy T02-P03
in-vitro assay T08-P06
incompliance T04-P19
individualised management T07-P17
inflammasome activation T09-P20
inflammation T03-P04T07-P19T06-P12SoA-05-03
inflammatory biomarkers T04-P08
influenza a virus T09-P17
inherited platelet disorder T10-P04
inhibitors T08-P04T10-P09T06-P16T06-P20T06-P38T06-P39SoA-07-03
integrated hybrid methodology T06-P17
integrin SoA-05-04
interleukin-6 T06-P12T09-P26
intoxiation T10-P08
intracellular trafficking T06-P15
ipf T04-P01
irradiation T09-P06
itp T09-P03
ivm T03-P10
joint health T10-P06
kidney atrophy T10-P11
kilt syndrome T10-P11
knockout rescue T06-P13
laboratory assays T08-P04
laboratory diagnostics T03-P01
laboratory monitoring SoA-06-03
lamellipodia T09-P27
latex d-dimer T08-P17
left atrial appendage occlusion T01-P13
light transmission aggregometry T08-P20
liver cirrhosis T03-P05
loci d-dimer T08-P17
lockdown T04-P15
long-term safety T06-P23
longitudinal analysis T06-P28
longitudinal data T06-P27
loss of an extremity T04-P19
low molecular weight heparin T01-P10
low-molecular-weight heparin SoA-09-03
lta T09-P07
luminex T06-P16
lung cancer T02-P03
lvad T07-P18
macrophage T06-P12
macrophage polarization T03-P08
macrothrombocytopenia T09-P24
marburg i T03-P09
maternal-fetal interface T11-P02
microarray T03-P08
mild T06-P36
mild bleeding disorders T07-P13T07-P15
mild fxiii deficiency SoA-05-05SoA-06-02
mild hemophilia T06-P16
mobile app T08-P08
monitoring T01-P03
monocyte SoA-05-03
monocytes T03-P04
mortality T02-P01
mtbi T10-P07
mtdna-cn T02-P07
multiplate T08-P20
multiple myeloma T07-P14T08-P14
mutations in f7 gene T11-P04
myeloperoxidase SoA-09-04
myflow score T11-P05
myocardial infarction T09-P22
neonate T10-P05
neovascularization T09-P22
nets T04-P09
neuraminidase a T09-P14
neutralization T01-P04T01-P16
neutralizing antibodies T06-P08T06-P09T06-P10
neutrophil extracellular traps T04-P06T09-P20
neutrophils T04-P06T07-P19
next-generation sequencing SoA-06-02
obese adults with hemophilia a T06-P31
obesity T01-P10T01-P14
observational study T03-P15
oculocutaneous albinism T07-P02
oral anticoagulants T01-P18
osteoclastogenesis T08-P06
outcome T01-P11T01-P13SoA-07-04
outcomes T11-P01
overdose T10-P08
oxidative phosphorylation T08-P02
pacma-31 SoA-05-03
pai-1 T03-P13
pain T06-P35T06-P37
paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria T11-P01
partial hepatectomy T09-P26
pathogen reduction methods T08-P10
pathogenesis T03-P07
patient preference T06-P22
patient registries T06-P27
patient-reported outcomes T06-P01
patients support T06-P25
pediatric T10-P09T10-P10
pediatric hemophilia T10-P06
pediatric patients SoA-07-02
pediatric renal vein thrombosis SoA-07-04
pediatric stroke T10-P03
pediatrics T10-P04SoA-07-05
peg T06-P16
persistence T01-P12
pf4-induced platelet activating assay (pipa) T04-P05
pfa T10-P04
pharmacokinetic T06-P33
photometric test assessment T08-P19
pkc T09-P04
placenta T11-P02
plasma clot lysis T03-P13
plasminogen-activator inhibitor-1 T11-P03
platelet T09-P09
platelet activation T08-P10T09-P22T09-P26
platelet count dependency T09-P07
platelet function T09-P03T09-P06T09-P23
platelet heterogeneity T09-P23
platelet immunology SoA-06-05
platelet metabolism T08-P10
platelet modulatory actions T01-P06
platelet neutrophil complexes T09-P22
platelet turnover T09-P26
platelet-derived factors T11-P02T11-P03
platelets T04-P13T08-P10T08-P16T09-P02T09-P08T09-P10T09-P14T09-P17T09-P20T09-P27
pneumolysin T09-P14
pnh T11-P01
point of care testing T03-P06
point-of-care test T08-P18T08-P19
polyethylene glycols T06-P34
polymorphonuclear leukocytes T07-P19
polyphosphate detection T09-P18
population genetics SoA-06-02
postural control T10-P07
potency T01-P02T01-P05
ppe T09-P10
pre-existing immunity T06-P11
predictive values T08-P08
predictors T02-P01
pregnancy T11-P01T11-P03
pregnancy loss T07-P20
prevalence T04-P18T06-P35
primary immune thrombocytopenia T03-P13
procoagulant platelet formation SoA-17-04
procoagulant platelet T04-P02
prophylaxis T03-P15T06-P26T06-P28T06-P29T06-P32T06-P33T06-P38
protease-activated receptor 4 T09-P17
proteasome T09-P09
protein c T08-P05T08-P15
protein c-protein s-thrombomodulin system T03-P12
protein disulfide isomerase SoA-05-03
proteomic profiling SoA-06-05
prothrombin complex concentrates T01-P19
public perception T04-P17
pulmonary embolism T04-P08T01-P15
pulmonary thrombo-inflammation T04-P09
pups T10-P12T06-P38SoA-07-03
purification T08-P05
purpura fulminans T03-P12
quality of life T07-P13
quality of life (qol) T10-P01
quantitative morphometry T09-P27
rare bleeding disorder T11-P04
rare bleeding disorders T07-P07T07-P09
rbcs T09-P02
re-bleeding T07-P15
real life data T06-P26
real-word experience T06-P29T06-P32
real-world data T06-P27
recurrence SoA-16-04
recurrent T02-P01
redosing T06-P05
registry SoA-07-05
remote control. T10-P01
rendu weber osler disease T07-P09
reproductive technology T07-P20
respiratory failure T04-P03
reticulated platelets T04-P01
retrospective data analysis T03-P01
risk assessment T01-P01
risk factors SoA-07-04
risk tolerance T06-P22
rivaroxaban T10-P08T01-P12T01-P15T01-P17SoA-06-03
rix-fp T06-P28T06-P29
rosendaal methodology T10-P02
rs6046 variant T07-P03
rviii-singlechain T06-P32
safety T06-P39SoA-17-03
sars-cov2 T04-P12T04-P13
sars-cov2-vaccination T04-P05
schistocytes T04-P10
senescence T08-P12
sense of coherence T06-P25
sepsis T03-P12
signalling pathways T09-P08
small molecule inhibitors T03-P14
spreading T09-P27
stasey T06-P23
stemi T09-P23
streptococcus pneumoniae T09-P14
stroke T01-P03T01-P13SoA-16-05
structure T07-P10
superficial vein thrombosis T02-P04
superparamagnetic bead T08-P05
surgery T07-P17
surveillance. T07-P06
syk T09-P04
systematic review T06-P33
t-tas T08-P20
talocrural joint T06-P37
targeting SoA-17-02
tele-coaching T06-P25
telomere length T02-P07
thailand T04-P18
therapeutic management SoA-07-04
thrombin T03-P02
thrombin generation T03-P05T08-P03T01-P17
thrombin generation assay T04-P07
thrombin inhibitors T01-P18
thrombinflammatory processes T03-P07
thrombingeneration T04-P12
thrombodynamics T08-P03
thromboembolic events T02-P06
thromboembolism T04-P16T04-P18
thromboinflammation T04-P13
thrombomate xra T09-P07
thrombophilia T03-P02T08-P15
thrombopoietin T09-P26
thromboprophylaxis T04-P18
thrombosis T03-P10T03-P14T04-P06T04-P09T04-P14T08-P07T09-P17SoA-07-05SoA-17-04
thrombotic microagiopathies T04-P10
thrombotic thrombocytopenia T04-P05
thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura T08-P04
time in therapeutic range (ttr). T10-P01
times in the therapeutic range(ttr) T10-P02
tinzaparin T01-P10
tissue factor SoA-05-02SoA-05-03SoA-09-04
tlrs T09-P08
tlt-1 T03-P10
tranexamic acid T11-P05
translational bioinformatics T08-P02
treatment T06-P22T06-P30SoA-07-05
tregs T08-P11
trophoblast T11-P03
trophoblasts T11-P02
ultrasound T10-P06T06-P37
unfolded protein response T02-P05
upar T08-P12
urine T08-P13
vaccination T04-P17
vaccine hesitancy T04-P17
vaccine induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia T04-P07
vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia T04-P14
vascular risk factors T02-P10
vasculitis T10-P03
vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein T09-P09
vena cava inferior atresia T10-P11
vena cava thrombosis T10-P05
venous thromboembolism T01-P12T01-P15T02-P01T02-P03T02-P04T02-P07T09-P18SoA-09-02SoA-16-04
venous thrombosis T03-P09
vienna prediction model SoA-16-04
vipit T04-P07
viral vector-based covid-19 vaccines T04-P07
virtual screening T03-P14
viscoelastometry T04-P16
visual test assessment T08-P19
vitamin k antagonist T01-P03
vitamin k antagonists T01-P18
vitt T04-P14
vkcfd1 T03-P11
vkd proteins T03-P11
von willebrand disease T03-P15T07-P11T07-P17T07-P20
von willebrand factor T03-P15T07-P10T07-P19T08-P06
vte T04-P08
vwf/fviii concentrate T07-P17
women T11-P05
xl-ms T06-P17
xpr1 electron microscopy T09-P18
α2-antiplasmin T03-P13