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Online Program Overview Session: R-06

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RTSD Scientist Award

Session chair: Ralph B. James
Shortcut: R-06
Date: Tuesday, October 24, 2017, 10:20
Room: Regency VI
Session type: RTSD Session


10:20 am R-06-1

Introduction of RTSD Award Winner 2017

10:38 am R-06-2

CZT crystal growth and detector development at IMEM-CNR (#4303)

A. Zappettini1

1 IMEM-CNR, Parma, Italy


CdZnTe crystals are widely employed for the realization of room temperature operating spectroscopic gamma ray detectors. Actually, many research efforts were devoted to the improvement of single crystal yield and defect reduction, as well as to the optimization of detector preparation.

In this work, I report on the recent developments about CdZnTe crystal growth at IMEM-CNR and about the set up of new characterization tools that allow a better assessment of the material quality for detector applications.

Also, recent improvements on contact deposition technology will be described.

Finally, I will show the performances of our detectors for specific applications such as: i) high flux spectroscopy, ii) linear scanners, iii) environmental monitoring, iv) 3D imaging.

Keywords: Crystal Growth, CdZnTe
10:56 am R-06-3

Current status and prospects for Organic Radiation Detectors (#4304)

P. Sellin1

1 University of Surrey, Department of Physics, Surrey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland


There is increasing interest in the application of organic materials for use in radiation sensors, due partly to the rapid development and growth of these materials for electronic applications over the last decade. Organic materials possess a unique set of electronic and physical characteristics that can be applied to radiation detectors, and they have the potential to be used as low cost, large area detectors with applications in a wide range of radiation detection fields. I will present the current status of various classes of organic radiation detectors including thick-film polymer X-ray detectors which have been developed as tissue-equivalent X-ray dosimeters, and for use for large-area X-ray imaging detectors. I will also review the current status of organic metal-halide perovskite crystals for X-ray and gamma detection, which form a large family of materials of the form CH3NH3MX3, where M is a metal ion and X is Br or I. A final class of materials that are of interest for radiation detection are bulk organic single crystals such as “4HCB” (4-hydroxycyanobenzene) which have recently been shown to operate as direct detectors in pulse mode

Keywords: Characterization