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MIC Plenary III

Session chair: Lars R. Furenlid University of Arizona; Matthew A. Kupinski University of Arizona
Shortcut: M-WR-UP
Date: Saturday, October 28, 2017, 13:10
Room: Centennial III
Session type: MIC Session


1:10 pm M-WR-UP-1

Matthew A. Kupinski - Student Paper Award Ceremony

1:15 pm M-WR-UP-2

Lars R. Furenlid PhD - Plenary Speaker Introduction

1:18 pm M-WR-UP-3

Clinical Needs in Brain Imaging (#4363)

P. H. Kuo1

1 University of Arizona, Departments of Medical Imaging, Medicine and Biomedical Engineering, Tuscon, Arizona, United States of America


I will present an overview addressing significant needs in brain imaging of importance to clinical practice, fundamental research, and drug discovery. I will highlight opportunities for advances in SPECT, PET and other modalities that would positively affect our ability to meet these needs, and discuss the features and workflow considerations necessary for new systems and methods to achieve lasting and significant clinical impact.

Keywords: Plenary Talk