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Online Program Overview Session: M-05

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MIC Plenary II

Session chair: Lars R. Furenlid University of Arizona; Matthew A. Kupinski University of Arizona
Shortcut: M-05
Date: Thursday, October 26, 2017, 08:00
Room: Centennial III,Centennial IV
Session type: MIC Session


8:00 am M-05-1

Ralf Engels, PhD - Deputy General Chair's Greeting

8:04 am M-05-2

Matthew A. Kupinski, PhD - MIC Co-Chair's Announcements

8:12 am M-05-3

Matthew A. Kupinski, PhD - Plenary Speaker Introduction

8:18 am M-05-4

Tomographic Imaging Biomarker Efforts in Drug Discovery and Development (#4362)

J. Hoppin1

1 Invicro, Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America


Radiology and pathology bookend imaging applications in drug discovery and development. Clinical radiology is an mL-volumetric resolution effort; tissue interrogated in pathology offers fL-volumetric resolutions. This 12-order-of-volumetric-magnitude range offers great opportunity for the application of both ex vivo and in vivo tomographic imaging principles to existing translational biomarker research. Over the past 15 years, advances in imaging solutions have bridged the gap across this resolution range. This talk will include an attempt to characterize sensitivity, spatial and temporal resolution and quantification for tomographic techniques across the electromagnetic spectrum with a focus on their value proposition in biomarker research efforts.

Keywords: Plenary Talk
9:18 am M-05-5

TBA - Hasegawa Award Ceremony

9:28 am M-05-6

TBA - Hasegawa Award Address