IEEE 2017 NSS/MIC/RTSD ControlCenter

Online Program Overview Session: InMe-02

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Non Destructive Assays for material, fuel and radioactive waste Characterization and Control

Session chair: Paolo Mutti ILL, France
Shortcut: InMe-02
Date: Sunday, October 22, 2017, 10:20
Session type: Workshop

  • 10.20-10.50: Ch. DESTOUCHES : “State of the art of the CEA R&D for Instrumentation and measurements in Experimental Nuclear Reactors”, CEA, Cadarache, France.
  • 10.50-11.20: (Invited Talk) M. MORICHI : “Novel approaches, methods and nuclear instrumentation that enhance nuclear material verification, waste characterization and nuclear security” CAEN Syst, Viareggio, Italy.