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N-34-3 – Progress in Small-Pitch, Thin 3D Pixel Sensors for HL-LHC (#2219)

G. - F. Dalla Betta1, 2, G. Alimonti3, M. Boscardin4, 2, G. Darbo5, E. Fumagalli5, 6, A. Gaudiello5, C. Gemme5, R. Mendicino1, 2, M. Meschini7, A. Messineo8, 9, H. Oide5, S. Ronchin4, 2, D. Sultan1, 2, D. Vazquez Furelos10, N. Zorzi4, 2

Session: N-34 - Semiconductor Detectors (Tracking and Spectroscopy) II
Date: Thursday, October 26, 2017, 10:20 am
Room: Centennial II ()